Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sketchworthy Reads- Marian Jordan Ellis

I don't remember when I first hear about Marian Jordan Ellis but I know that when I first read a book of hers I was hooked. Marian Jordan Ellis is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, and the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries.

The first book of hers I read was The List. It is a book about how we all have a list in our heads of what our life should be and how holding tightly to that list leads to disappointment. Throughout the book she challenges us to turn our list over to God and embrace His direction for our life. She talks dynamically about her experiences and pulls from Scripture to clearly explain her points. It's one of the most challenging books I have and I knew I had to read more. 

Besides how convictingly Marian writes and speaks I love seeing how her story has played our and the journey her faith has taken her on.  It's very encouraging!

Take a few minutes to look at her website, vist her blog and this recent post one of her best in my opion, read one of her books, or listen to a podcast. You won't be disappointed!
I'm also excited to have found out that Maria has a new book coming out August 1st, just a few days away, called Stand !

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog//Marian Jordan Ellis

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