Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sketchworthy Reads- Annie Downs

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Annie Downs is an author, blogger,speaker, and lover of glitter. I've been following her for a long, long time. She started a blog documenting her life as a teacher outside of Atlanta. She was open about the desire God placed in her heart to write and her blog was her first step in following as she began writing a book.  As time went on she felt a call to quit her job and move to Nashville while continuing to write. She didn't have a book contract at the time and it sounded completely crazy but Annie  followed the calling. She transparently documented the journey.  At the time reading her blog, I didn't understand how she could have such a calling and direction to do something that didn't make clear sense but as Annie will tell you, Gods plans don't have to make sense we just have to listen to Him and follow His direction.

Her first book, Perfectly Unique, was published and did so well that she has published four more books and has become a speaker at churches and conferences around the country. 

I love Annie's blog and books because they feel like we are getting to talk to her. Her voice is very honest, approachable, and understanding. She writes about her struggles and experiences in such a relatable way and tells corny jokes along the way.  

She doesn't blog as much as she used to but posts on Instagram and snapchat encouraging other and sharing her day to day life. 

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