Thursday, June 8, 2017

Color Splash Pt 1

When I used up my first watercolor set I was surprised by the colors that disappeared the quickest. They weren't my favorite colors.  Funny, how could a color I didn't really like be a color that frequented my painting? I don't have a deep answer to that question but as I continue to paint, the colors I like in everyday life are not the colors that are used up the quickest on my paint palette. So I when I started to think of posting about my favorite colors I realized I have to break the post into two posts- colors I love  and colors I love to paint with.  

 I love bright colors and rich, deep jewel tones. 
 My favorite color is pink and has been for a long time. I like a lot of shades of pink. Coral is a favorite and so it's fuschia-like hot pink but I also a traditional middle pink. The only pink I don't really like is powder pink but overall "pink is my signature color" :) 
   Blue was my favorite color when  I was little and I still like it a lot. When I was little I cried because my cousin had a blue blanket and I had a  yellow one.  
I then loved coloring with cerulean blue crayons growing up. I didn't know how to pronounce cerulean, I learned that watching "The Devil Wears Prada" it was a light bulb moment "that's what the crayon is called!" 
Burnt Orange 
  I don't know why but when fall rolls around I love the warmth of burnt orange.  It's very crisp and homey. 

What are you favorite colors?


  1. My favs change depending on mood and season of my life. Currently liking misty blues. But my constant go to color is grey.