Monday, May 22, 2017

My Favorite YouTube Channels

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my favorite YouTube channels

I love taking online classes to learn to techniques and challenge myself but youtube is also a free plethora of knowledge. Sometimes I can't get over how much I can learn by searching youtube and watching videos.  You can learn anything you want and what makes it even more awesome is that some of the channel owners are very successful in their careers. To think that by watching a few video I am being guided by a teacher at a renowned art school blows my mind!

  These are some of my favorite YouTube channels:

   Laura Volpintesta is a teacher at Parsons School of Design and offers online courses on her website and through craftsy. She also has an active YouTube channel frequently posting videos on figure drawing, pattern making, & rendering. 

  I like that Laura's videos are approachable and she takes us through the entire proccess. She says she brings the same techniques to youtube that she uses at parsons and that's awesome to think about!!

   Zoe Hong is also a teacher at a design school. She uploads videos weekly that run the gamut from testing supplies to drawing croquis.   

  I like how she's very thorough and constantly encourages us to practice. She also walks through techniques using multiple mediums. So when she's teaching how to render fabric she shows how to do it in pencil, watercolor, and goauche. It's really helpful to know the differences in what you are using. 

  She often says "it's hard because it's hard, not because there's anything wrong with you." It's a comforting thought when it feels like I've  been practicing  something over and over and it's still not where I want it to be. 

   Joanna Baker is a fashion illustrator who recently  started her YouTube channel. Her videos are short and concise with tips and tricks on how to create fashion illustration. 

   Agnes Cecile is an artist that posts time lapsed videos of her painting. They are fun to watch. 

   The Mind of Watercolor is the newest YouTube channel I've started watching. The idea behind the name is that watercolor has its own mind and we as artists need to mind that. Steve Mitchell, the artist who runs the channel calls his regular viewers "minders"

 He has wide array of video from supply reviews to him walking us through his paintings. What I like most is the "watercolor basics" playlist. He gives a lot of valuable information and exercises in it. 

The playlist says that it is watercolor basics and they are basics but watching them I realize that when I was a beginner I wouldn't have appreciated these videos as much. I wanted to move on and create things I liked,  not try and fill different shapes with as flat a wash as possible.   Now that I have some painting experience I see these are very valuable and something I want to practice a lot more. 

What are you favorite youtube channels? Have they taught you anything? 

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