Monday, May 8, 2017

Artists Who Inspire- Brooke Hagel

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I think every person who loves to  create also has a long list of artists who inspire them. The first real artist to inspire me is Brooke Hagel of Brooklit and Brooklitbride.

As long as I can remember I wanted to be someone who could draw but growing up I tried and it was never good. I thought that an artist just knew inside of them how to do everything and that it came out correctly right when they wanted it to.  


 A couple of years ago, I was randomly scrolling around on etsy and came across the cutest picture of a girl in a white dress and a black sash. I clicked on the store and was enthralled with all the products. They were  prints by brooklit and from there I went to check out her website Fabulous Doodles.  

 I sat there looking at her art thinking "THAT is what I want to do" but had no idea how. 

It took a lot of practice, frustration, and years but slowly my drawing  has improved.  

I love Brooke's style and how when she does custom illustrations they capture the essence of her subject perfectly. She has such a gift and I can only dream of drawing as well as her. 

She sells prints and custom illustrations in her Etsy  shop, brooklit as well as bridal illustrations in her shop, brooklitbride.  She had also work with clients such as Vogue, Clinique, Seventeen Magazine and done live sketching events.

Brooke's Instagram is filled with snapshots of her art, her favorite tools (copic markers & prismacolor colored pencils), & art that inspires her. 

Check her out- you won't be disappointed!!


  1. I am inspired by writers -- shocker! :) My favorites are some of the greats like Hemingway. I love how he bucked the system and wrote how he wanted to...fragments and all!

  2. I think that's how the greats are formed :)