Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Go- To Illustration Tools

I love trying new supplies, yet there's a few essentials I'll always turn to. I'm not too caught up in brand or price, good art supplies can come from anywhere but  there are some supplies that stand out amongst the others time and again. 

Sketchbook/ Watercolor Sketchbook

  My favorite sketchbook for practicing is the Masters Touch brand at Hobby Lobby. It has 150 pages of 70lb paper that is smooth and bright white. It's easy to draw on and it really is the best deal that I have found.  
Since the Masters Touch Sketchbook is 60lb it is not sturdy enough to hold up go watercolor. I haven't come across my favorite watercolor paper brand yet but a few good ones are Strathmore, Jane Davenport Mixed Media, or Artists Loft.


  When I practice I normally use colored pencil because it doesn't smudge.  Prismacolor makes a few types of very good colored pencils and Jane Davenport has Magic Wands. 
 When I sketch for a painting I use etasable pencils, either a basic no. 2 pencil or col-erase by prismacolor.


  Before I paint, I outline my sketches and. The most important part of that is having a waterproof pen. Regular ball point pens will run when water is applied over them so you must look for something labeled "permanent". 

  I like the Micron pens and Sharpie Stylo Pens. Microns lay down velvety and Sharpie Stylos are the most durable pen I have found. 


  Watercolor is not hard to find, you can pick them up at any store and it's great to start out with. As you become more experienced you see that quality can vary a lot among watercolor. It is also a very personal thing, one might think one brand is perfect and another person doesn't.  

 The watercolors I use most often are the Koi Sketchbox and Jane Davenport's Mixed Media Brights and Neutrals.  

What are your go-to supplies

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