Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Butterfly Effect Book


There were a few things in the JDMM line that when I saw them I didn't know what to do with them or why I would want them? Thankfully, Jane has made videos explaining each of her products AND she created a free mixed media course using them HERE.

Watching the videos I ended of thinking all the ideas were really cool even if they weren't something I would use very much and those products that didn't make any sense turned out to make a lot of sense! 

The most interesting one was the butterfly effect book and when I learned what the butterfly book was for I found myself really wanting one.

At first I just saw a patterned canvas cover with elastic. What would I do with that.

The first aha came when I learned why it's called the butterfly book- because it's most often flipped open like a butterfly flapping its wings. Clever! 

The butterfly effect book is a small canvas book you can carry around with you, designed with elastics or threads down the middle so that you add papers or whatever you like as you go on your way.   You can add notebooks, loose papers, collage papers, you don't even have to add paper you can mini folders, stickers, clips, anything you can attach in it. 

It is designed after a midori or planner book in Jane's favorite size of a travelers notebook 4.9" x 8.7"

The butterfly effect book leaves itself open to any possibility you can dream up and I have a special idea of how to use mine, I'll tell you all about soon :)

Have you tried a butterfly effect book or travelers notebook? What were you thoughts on it? 

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