Monday, January 30, 2017

Pantone Spring 2017 pt 2

Last week, I showed how to mix some of Pantone's Spring 2017 colors and am finishing them up this week. 

Island paradise
  Island Paradise is a cool, relaxing blue like the Caribbean water.  It is a greenish blue.
  To make Island Paradise take your cool blue and add a tiny bit of cool yellow. The cool yellow is what adds the touch of green. 

Pale Dogwood
  Pale Dogwood carries on the tranquil theme of Island Paradise. It is a pale pink.   
   The only way to make pink is to add white to your red or with watercolor, add extra water to your red. 

Pink Yarrow
  Pink Yarrow makes a bright and bold entrance brighten up everything it is around.  Pink Yarrow is a combination of red, pink, and purple.  

  To make pink Yarrow take a small amount of red and set aside. 

Take another small amount of red and lighten it to pink  and setting it aside. 

 Then, you have to make purple by mixing equals parts warm red and warm blue, setting it aside. 

 Now takes small, equal  amounts of each of the three colors mixing them together and adjust as needed. 

  Kale is a more lush version of greenery. It is a darker blue green.  

  To make Kale start with your warm blue and add in small amounts of warm yellow. 

  Hazelnut is a warm, earthly neutral. Neutrals go with anything so they can be paired with any color on the list. 

 To make hazelnut take one of warm browns, like burnt umber, and lighten it but adding white or watering it down.  

What do you think of the Spring colors chooces this year? Do you have a favorite? What about a least favorite? 

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