Monday, December 26, 2016

6 Favorites of 2016

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// 6 Favorites of 2016

Last year, I listed five of my favorite things from the previous year and thought I do that again, except six this time because it's 2016!

1.  Craftsy's Drawing Fashion Flats and Laura Volpintesta's Fashion Freedom 
   The first class I took this year was Craftsy''s "Drawing Fashion Flats" by Laura Volpintesta and it opened my eyes on how to go about sketching garmets. I first posted about it here

I liked the class so much that I couldn't wait to dive into Laura Volpintesta's other class based on the fashion illustration course she teaches at Parson's New School of Design. 

In this class, I learned and loved learning her technique to sketching a figure, draw faces from the front, 3/4 angle, and in profile, how to approach  rendering fabrics, and even how to start designing a fashion line.

   Hobby Lobby carries a basic sketchbook that is 70lb paper and 150 pages of bright, white smooth paper. It is $5.99 regularly and $3.60 when the have sketchbook for 40% off. It is the best value in sketchbooks around and the paper is high quality paper to work your ideas on!

   I don't know what I'd do without the Sharpie white pen. It is a pen filled with white acrylic paint and available in three sizes- extra fine, fine, and large. They are perfect for adding highlights and finishes touches to your paintings.

   This pen has dark black permanent ink like a classic Sharpie but has a significantly finer tip and doesn't smell. I love this pen because it is permanent but it also isn't easily destroyed when I use it over watercolor. 

A lot of times permanent  pen sketches are dulled when watercolor is painted over them. When I use pen to outline on top of the dried watercolor it often wears out the nib within a few uses. I think it's the abrasiveness of the watercolor. The Sharpie pen really stands up to watercolor and I can use it many more times.

   Tombow Dual Brush Pens are water soluble markers with a brush tip and a fine tip to choose from. I really like the brush tip as they glide across the page and create smooth, sweeping lines like I am painting yet I have more control because I have the stability of a pen. 

    I've long talked about my love for Jane Davenport and her classes. Early in fall she posted that she was going to be making a HUGE announcement. She began counting down and hashtagging everything with #janessecret.  I could barely wait and kept wondering what it was, she said it was going to be good but I wondered would it be as exciting to me as it is to her?

Yes!!! #janessecret did not disappoint and just like I counted the days till she revealed her secret, I'm counting the days till her secret comes to completion.  

#janessecret is that she has been working exclusively with Michaels to create an entire Mixed Media Range of art supplies. Starting on JanEuary 1st, 2017 we can not only take her classes to learn her expertise, we can use products she has designed herself!  

What have been your favorites of 2016? 


  1. Your drawings and paintings are just beautiful. I love Sharpie anything! :) I need to get back to drawing, myself!

    1. Thank you! I hope you do it can be such a fun escape

  2. Your art is beautiful!! I love your talent!

  3. I took a free online class with Determined to Shine this year, and I highly recommend it. (One prompt a day, emailed to you for 30 days, and you complete the prompts as you have time. There's an online Facebook classroom, too, if you want to share your work.) It reminded me of how much I love drawing! Thanks for these recommendations. I'm particularly excited to track down that white Sharpie.

    1. Sounds fun, I am a big fan of online classes, too.
      You will love the sharpie!!

  4. I love your art. It is lovely. Sharpies are one of my favorite drawing tools.