Friday, January 23, 2015

Max Beckmann

Week three is Max Beckmann taught by Gillian Lee Smith.

Max Beckmann was a German expressionist that specialized in self portraits. The amount of self portraits he has done have only rivaled by Rembrandt and Picasso.

Aside from painting he was well read, interested in Philopshy, and spent a lot time contemplating the meaning of "self". This is thought to be why he focused so much on self portraits. He looked to express his feelings and what he was going through with pictures of himself.

-   Mac Beckmann was heavy into expressionism and showing his emotions through color and symbolism. Which for him was often very dark because he lived through the two world wars.

What I learned: 
-   The idea of a self portrait is scary. I'm not the best at copying anything exact let alone knowing how to copy what I see in the mirror. Beckmann wasn't so concerned about how real his self portraits looked, he wanted them to show what he was feeling. When I look at it as a form of expression it takes pressure off of having an exact portrait whether of myself or someone else.

For my inspired by Beckmann I tried to stick with his darker color palette and strong props. I love to draw dresses so i put a girl fluffy, deep purple dress.

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  1. I love your self portrait! It is beautiful! You should totally frame that and hang it in your room.