Friday, January 2, 2015

Edward Hopper

Our bittersweet  last week of "Studying Under The  Masters" is Edward Hopper, taught by Stephanie Lee.

Edward Hopper grew up interested in art, went to an art school in New York City, and then went off to work and study in Europe. He quickly learned that he wasn't interested in Impressionism like other artists of the time. He was much more fascinated by light and color. Hopper once said "All I want to do is capture sunlight."

When he moved back to the US he made living as a commercial artist but didn't enjoy that kind of art and struggled over what to work paint on the side. He said, "it is hard for me to decide what I want to paint. I go for months without finding it sometimes. It comes slowly."
His breakthrough came when he was visitng a friend on Cape Cod, Massachussetts and he painted a house on the beach. He saw
realism is what spoke to his heart.

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