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I've been blessed to take online art classes and learn from multiple resources around. I can't help but share them:

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Artists Who Inspire:
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Joanna Baker
Evelyn Henson

Earlier this year I signed up for an online class Studying Under The Masters: Becoming An Apprentice. The main reason I signed up is because there was a new teacher every week. I figured by doing that I'd get a glimpse into nine different teaching styles and have a better idea of teachers that I wanted to look more into online.

The course is based in studying masters artists, who they were, what techniques they used, and learning from copying their techniques.

Week one started and I knew I was in for a surprise, not only was I getting to see teachers and techniques I could learn from today but the masters chosen turned out to be pretty cool. There was at least one thing I identified with from each artist, at least one thing I learned from them to add to my art, and at least one piece of artwork they had done that I like.

This is something I never really expected and turned a span of nine weeks into something I look back on with a lot of joy because it was so eye opening.
I loved the course so much I want to take the time to talk about each master and share something I learned from them.

Studying Under the Masters 1

2. Antonio Gaudi
3. Paul Cezanne
4. Sandro Boticelli
5. Georgia O'Keefe
6. Marc Chagall
7. Henry Clive
8. Francois DE Felice
9. Edward Hopper

Studying under the Masters 2
1. Vincent Van Gogh
2. Pablo Picasso
3. Max Beckmann
4. Brett Whiteley
5. Mary Blair
6. Frida Kahlo

Studying Under the Masters 3
1. Horace Pippen
2. Joan Miro
3. Marie Laurencin
John Singer- Sargent
Gustav Klimt
Jean-Michel Basquiat

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