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Hi! I'm Tonya and it's my joy  to sketch and paint. 

The day I picked up a paintbrush was the day I knew I was in L-O-V-E! In love with bright colors. In love with shading. In love with the way watercolor spreads and blends across with paper. I've been painting and sketching as much as I can ever since and it never grows old.
Everywhere I look there's something new to try, there isn't enough time to paint it all, especially when pinterest exists with its outfits, dresses, flowers, pattern, and scenery.

Sprinkle on Glitter is for anyone who likes pretty, fanciful things- art, clothes, flowers; quotes and finding beauty all around.

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Ice Cream Shoes

When I'm not painting I spend time with my sweet puppy-girl, listen to lots of music, read all sorts of books, and attempt to find the best tasting gluten free, dairy free, poultry free recipes around (sometimes that's a tall task). 

My hope is that the art I post puts a smile on your face  and encourages your heart.  

Follow  along as I grow and  experiment  with what I learn in classes, videos, from  other artists, and plain old curiosity, all while sprinkling it with glitter!

Email me: sprinkleonglitter@gmail.com


Instagram: @sprinkleonglitter

Twitter @sprnklonglitter

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// girl at bar