Thursday, June 15, 2017

Color Splash Pt 2

Last week I listed some of my favorite colors and mentioned how my favorite colors are not colors that I paint with the most. So I thought I'd also list colors I like to paint with. 
   I don't get it, I've never liked yellow but it is one of the first colors used up. Probably because yellow is a primary and therefore the base of many colors. Also it's found in nature so when I paint flowers it's put to good use.  
   I like warm yellows the best and yellow ochre which isn't really yellow. It's more of a tan and a very earthy color but it's valuable for skin and hair. 
  Another color I hadn't liked much before painting that is quickly gone from my palette. I do like wet in wet washes of a light yellow- green into a deep forest green. It blends so luciously  and makes painting stems fun! 
   I was never against purple it was just a middle of the road color to me. When I started painting I quickly learned that my favorite color, pink,  wasn't a very strong color to use in watercolor. So I turned  to purple and love how it's such a regal color. 

What are your favorite colors to use? 

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