Monday, June 5, 2017

Artists Who Inspire- Inslee Haynes Fariss

Not long after I found Brooke Hagel, I came across the art of Inslee Haynes Fariss. I don't remember how exactly but I knew that I was searching fashion illustration and when I found her art I was equally as taken as I was with Brooke Hagel's work.

   Inslee sells prints, custom illustration, stationary, and yearly calendars on her website.


  I love her whimsical and classy approach. All of her illustration even the most contemporary ones have a touch of vintage to them.  Each years calendar has a theme to it and is filled with twelve original illustrations.  

  Inslee grew up sketching and painting and studied art history in college. One summer while looking for a job she decided to put together a calendar and start marketing as a way to stay busy. Her job search continued with no luck. One day she was upset wondering why she wasn't getting a good job like all her other friends when she realized she DID have a job. She started her own company!  It took her a while to accept her career path was different than others but since she realized it she hasn't looked back and "Inslee by Design" has done nothing but grow since.  

Check her out @inslee


  1. How beautiful!!! I love the tint of vintage to the pieces and the soft colours she uses <3

    Of Wander And Wild