Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sketchworthy Reads- Annie Downs

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads// Annie F Downs

Annie Downs is an author, blogger,speaker, and lover of glitter. I've been following her for a long, long time. She started a blog documenting her life as a teacher outside of Atlanta. She was open about the desire God placed in her heart to write and her blog was her first step in following as she began writing a book.  As time went on she felt a call to quit her job and move to Nashville while continuing to write. She didn't have a book contract at the time and it sounded completely crazy but Annie  followed the calling. She transparently documented the journey.  At the time reading her blog, I didn't understand how she could have such a calling and direction to do something that didn't make clear sense but as Annie will tell you, Gods plans don't have to make sense we just have to listen to Him and follow His direction.

Her first book, Perfectly Unique, was published and did so well that she has published four more books and has become a speaker at churches and conferences around the country. 

I love Annie's blog and books because they feel like we are getting to talk to her. Her voice is very honest, approachable, and understanding. She writes about her struggles and experiences in such a relatable way and tells corny jokes along the way.  

She doesn't blog as much as she used to but posts on Instagram and snapchat encouraging other and sharing her day to day life. 

Follow Annie @anniefdowns

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sumet Bucket List

Sprinkle on glitter blog// summer bucket list// hot air balloon

Happy Summer! Last year I made a fall bucket list and though it'd be fun to do the same thing with summer, the time for vacations, swimming, and generally having fun! 

- Watch the sunrise 
- Go Swimming
- Eat an ice cream cone
- Go to a drive- in movie
- Get a bright pedicure 
- Watch fireworks on the 4th
- Have a bbq
- Ride a rollercoaster
- Pick strawberries
- Make strawberry shortcake

What is on you Summer bucket list? Have you don't anything on this list? 

Monday, June 19, 2017

One Flower- Three Ways

I can't help but endlessly be inspired by Alisa Burke. Her creativity blows my mind, how does she think of the crafts she does? How does she have the patience to see through some of them with how tedious they are? All in all I just admire how gifted she is. One thing she likes to do it to take an object and draw it three different ways. It's really fun to see how the same thing can change with the medium or technique that you use.  

I thought I'd give it a try with some flowers.  I chose poppies.

My first one is finger painted with acrylic. No surprise it was inspired by Alisa Burke's finger painting. I love how the bright colors compliment  each other and the texture created by using my fingers.

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// one flower- three ways//acrylic

 I used Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers, they are filled with liquid watercolor that works like a marker, pretty inventive! This one is nice but it falls flat compared to the finger painted one, doesn't it?

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// one flower- three ways//marker

What I like about this one is how the colors bleed and blend together. Watercolor goes where the  water is and when two wet spots touch each other they will mix together. It's something that has a mind of its own and the results will always be a surprise.

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// one flower- three ways//watercolor

Have you tried one subject in multiple mediums? What did you like about it and learn from it?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Color Splash Pt 2

Last week I listed some of my favorite colors and mentioned how my favorite colors are not colors that I paint with the most. So I thought I'd also list colors I like to paint with. 
   I don't get it, I've never liked yellow but it is one of the first colors used up. Probably because yellow is a primary and therefore the base of many colors. Also it's found in nature so when I paint flowers it's put to good use.  
   I like warm yellows the best and yellow ochre which isn't really yellow. It's more of a tan and a very earthy color but it's valuable for skin and hair. 
  Another color I hadn't liked much before painting that is quickly gone from my palette. I do like wet in wet washes of a light yellow- green into a deep forest green. It blends so luciously  and makes painting stems fun! 
   I was never against purple it was just a middle of the road color to me. When I started painting I quickly learned that my favorite color, pink,  wasn't a very strong color to use in watercolor. So I turned  to purple and love how it's such a regal color. 

What are your favorite colors to use? 

Monday, June 12, 2017

3 Ways to Wear Gingham

One print that's everywhere this Spring is gingham. This  lightweight, patterned cotton often seen on button ups has many creative ways to incorporate  it that won't make you look like a picnic blanket!

On your feet
Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// 3 ways to wear gingham//shoes

As a romper with ruffles

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// 3 ways to wear gingham//romper

Over your shoulder

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// 3 ways to wear gingham//bag

How do you wear gingham?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Color Splash Pt 1

When I used up my first watercolor set I was surprised by the colors that disappeared the quickest. They weren't my favorite colors.  Funny, how could a color I didn't really like be a color that frequented my painting? I don't have a deep answer to that question but as I continue to paint, the colors I like in everyday life are not the colors that are used up the quickest on my paint palette. So I when I started to think of posting about my favorite colors I realized I have to break the post into two posts- colors I love  and colors I love to paint with.  

 I love bright colors and rich, deep jewel tones. 
 My favorite color is pink and has been for a long time. I like a lot of shades of pink. Coral is a favorite and so it's fuschia-like hot pink but I also a traditional middle pink. The only pink I don't really like is powder pink but overall "pink is my signature color" :) 
   Blue was my favorite color when  I was little and I still like it a lot. When I was little I cried because my cousin had a blue blanket and I had a  yellow one.  
I then loved coloring with cerulean blue crayons growing up. I didn't know how to pronounce cerulean, I learned that watching "The Devil Wears Prada" it was a light bulb moment "that's what the crayon is called!" 
Burnt Orange 
  I don't know why but when fall rolls around I love the warmth of burnt orange.  It's very crisp and homey. 

What are you favorite colors?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Artists Who Inspire- Inslee Haynes Fariss

Not long after I found Brooke Hagel, I came across the art of Inslee Haynes Fariss. I don't remember how exactly but I knew that I was searching fashion illustration and when I found her art I was equally as taken as I was with Brooke Hagel's work.

   Inslee sells prints, custom illustration, stationary, and yearly calendars on her website.


  I love her whimsical and classy approach. All of her illustration even the most contemporary ones have a touch of vintage to them.  Each years calendar has a theme to it and is filled with twelve original illustrations.  

  Inslee grew up sketching and painting and studied art history in college. One summer while looking for a job she decided to put together a calendar and start marketing as a way to stay busy. Her job search continued with no luck. One day she was upset wondering why she wasn't getting a good job like all her other friends when she realized she DID have a job. She started her own company!  It took her a while to accept her career path was different than others but since she realized it she hasn't looked back and "Inslee by Design" has done nothing but grow since.  

Check her out @inslee

Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Illustration Proccess

Over time I've figured out a system of sketching and painting  that works for me. It's probably similar to other artists and still different from some.

Select an inspiration image.  
   I usually scroll through Pinterest, magazines, or Instagram to see what pops out and add my own ideas to it. 

Preliminary Sketch 
   With pencil sketch out the image as loosely and lightly as I can. Then tighten the lines a little 

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// outline

Add permanent ink 
  I outline the final sketch with a permenent pen and erase the other stray lines. 

Add color 
  I lay down a light layer of water color.   After that has dried I add shadows and let them dry. I repeat this until the layers I need are done. 
Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// first layer

Colored pencil 
  I go in to some spots with colored pencil to deepen the shadows and add more contrast. 

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// colored pencil

White pen & ink 
   I add a few bright highlights with my white Sharpie paint pen. Then use my permanent pen to fix spots in the outline they need it. 

 Sprinkle with glitter.  
   My last step is deciding where I want to sprinkle glitter!

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// finished

What is your illustration process?