Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Collage Papers


  When Jane Davenport's Mixed Media line (JDMM) came out there were some things I wasn't sure if I would get. One of them was the collage papers but curiosity got the best of me. 

 The main reason I wasn't sure about the collage papers is because I had tried collage in the past and it wasn't something I was crazy about. When I would draw over the collage parts my pencil often scratch through the layer of matte medium I had put down. Very frustrating!   Looking through Jane Davenport's product videos I learned that her collage papers were a napkin, not an actually paper. I was intrigued.  I knew that she liked to use what she referred to as "serviettes" a fancy name for napkin but i never thought napkins were collage.  

I did some research and found that the reason my pencils were scratching through my collage was because I had been using magazine images and magazines are glossy. My pencils had nothing to grip. I learned from Jane that the napkin material creates a surface pencils can grip. 

With my new knowledge I wanted to give collage another try with napkin collage papers. 

The JDMM napkins are cute, they are printed with different patterns of Jane's art on them. I don't think you could find dinner napkins like that anywhere. 

One complaint I have is that the collage paper with multiple faces has them all close together. By trying to tear out one face, even when I wet an outline of the face as Jane says, I tore into other faces making them unusable.  I tried using scissors to cut the next face napkin and it worked better! 

Adding the collage papers to my paper was easy and it melted into the paper. I was surprised how it became part of the paper I was using. When the matter medium dried it was a little  rough but the pencil didn't scratch through it. I was easily able to paint around the collage and make it part of the painting.   

I also tried ripping up a bunch of little pieces and creating a background that way but it ended up bumpy and uneven, I didn't like it.

I'm still practice collage but using the JDMM collage papers is definitely a step about magazine pictures and a fun thing to try. 

Have you tried anyone of the JDMM line? What did you think of it? 

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