Thursday, April 6, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Brights Watercolor Review


I found a unicorn!!! The day I found out Michaels had one Jane Davenort Mixed Media Brights Palette in stock was one of the most exciting days.  I already had the neutrals palette and was kicking myself for not scooping up  the brights at the time.

I opened them up and started swatching. Like the neutrals they are creamy and rich. It doesn't take much to pick up a good amount of color on the brush and just as the name says, they are bright. They dry just about as  bright and vibrant as they are when you first use them, most watercolors dry lighter than when you are painting with them.

The JDMM brights set is made up of cool colors and they are all really  pretty. It contains your three cool primaries but the other colors are fun, unique colors with names that are equally as fun (like 70s eye shadow and kiss kiss).  Since the colors are more specialized I don't think the brights are meant to be your main watercolor set. Combining it with the neutrals can make a nice palette but not one of traditional colors.


I use my Koi Sketchbox set most and I think they have more basic, everyday colors than Jane's set. The two sets are close in quality and complement each other well.  The koi set doesn't have strong pinks and purples where JDMM has many and they are very. Similar in blues and greens, the koi set has basic blues and Jane has turquoise shades.

The colors in Jane's brights and neutrals match most of the colors in the Magic Wands set, so it's perfect for adding finishing details.

Have you tried any of the Jane Davenport Mixed Media products? What did you think of them? Jane created a FREE mixed media class to lean about her products and techniques you can sign up for here.


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