Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Collection- Colored Pencils

After I tried Jane Davenport's neutral watercolors, I flipped open the tin of her colored pencils. she calls them Magic Wands, not colored pencils!   

  The Magic Wands are a twenty four set of rainbow colors. A lot of colored pencils are very hard and have little color when they are used but Jane's Magic Wands are soft like Prismacolor colored pencils yet they are strong enough to  hold a sharp point, unlike Prismacolor pencils which break easily.  

There are a couple pencils suited to skintones, more pinks and purples, and niche colors like turquoise.  The unique colors make for fun choices. 

Using the magic wands there wasn't much wax buildup and it felt smooth to the touch afterwards.

They don't immediately lay down a lot of pigment.  I had to go over the swatches at least  twice for the colors to look strong.  It was a small disappointment at first. On Jane's website she has videos showing the use of all her product and a free mixed media classdemonstrating her products. In the Magic Wands video she says they are meant to lay color down lightly so you can layer colors or combine them with other products (to create mixed media)!

Have you tried the JDMM magic wands? What did you think of them? 

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