Thursday, March 30, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Vera Bradley Pencil Tin


Vera Bradley isnt the first the name that comes to mind when thinking of art supplies but they do carry a super cute pencil tin. Since,  we always need things to keep our  pens, pencils, and knick knacks in, why not make them pretty too! 

The pencil tin is a sturdy, hinged tin in a Vera Bradley pattern. It contains ten number two pencils  in the pattern you choose and a sharpner.   

It's sleek and slim so easy to toss in your bag with your other travel supplies. 

How do you like to store your pens and pencils? 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Butterfly Effect Book


There were a few things in the JDMM line that when I saw them I didn't know what to do with them or why I would want them? Thankfully, Jane has made videos explaining each of her products AND she created a free mixed media course using them HERE.

Watching the videos I ended of thinking all the ideas were really cool even if they weren't something I would use very much and those products that didn't make any sense turned out to make a lot of sense! 

The most interesting one was the butterfly effect book and when I learned what the butterfly book was for I found myself really wanting one.

At first I just saw a patterned canvas cover with elastic. What would I do with that.

The first aha came when I learned why it's called the butterfly book- because it's most often flipped open like a butterfly flapping its wings. Clever! 

The butterfly effect book is a small canvas book you can carry around with you, designed with elastics or threads down the middle so that you add papers or whatever you like as you go on your way.   You can add notebooks, loose papers, collage papers, you don't even have to add paper you can mini folders, stickers, clips, anything you can attach in it. 

It is designed after a midori or planner book in Jane's favorite size of a travelers notebook 4.9" x 8.7"

The butterfly effect book leaves itself open to any possibility you can dream up and I have a special idea of how to use mine, I'll tell you all about soon :)

Have you tried a butterfly effect book or travelers notebook? What were you thoughts on it? 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Beauty and the Beast// yellow dress

 I can't wait for the live action Beauty and the Beast to come out. Two years ago, when Cinderella came out, I was most excited to see the costumes, they were dazzling.  But Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie when I was little. I loved Belle, her personality, voice, and passion for reading. The previews make it look a bit dark but I think this is going to be a captivating movie. 

Are your excited for beauty  and the beast? Who was your favorite disney princess growing up? 

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Beauty and the Beast// blue dress

Monday, March 13, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Paint Over Pens


Jane Davenport Paint over Pens are a collection of five pens filled with a fast drying acrylic paint. They look exactly like a marker or a pen but they contain acrylic paint. There are various types of paint pens on the market but what makes the JDMM Paint Over Pens unique is that there is no shaking the pen with each use and no pressing down to release color.  At first you have to give the pen a little shake to but then you are good to go. 

When dried they are matte, opaque, archival, and waterproof. Sounds pretty good, right?  

The set contains five colors beach (flesh tone), mermaid (blue), starfish (pink) and unicorn (white). There's two unicorn pens, a small tip & broad tip. 


I opened them up and started trying them out. The color is vibrant and lays down smoothly. It doesn't smell and takes only a few minutes to dry. Once dried it equally as pigmented as they are when they are wet and it is matte, so you can draw on top of if you want. 

The unicorn pens are a very soft white more for subtle highlights. If you want a stark white  highlight you're better off going with the Sharpie White Paint Pen. 

The only thing I wish for these pens would be for them to come in more colors, I think that would be a lot of fun.

Jane Davenport has a free mixed media class showing how to use her products HERE

Have you tried the JDMM Paint Over Pens? What did you think of them? 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Barbie!

 It's Barbies birthday today! She made her debut at the International Toy Fair in New York City on March 9, 1959. That makes her 58 years old! She's looking good for her age :)

I think every girl has had and loved at least one Barbie. The one I remember wanting the most is Super Star Barbie and Super Star Ken. I wanted for one of my birthdays and I wanted it so badly that it felt like its be torture if I didn't get it. She had sparkly stars in her eyes, why wouldn't I have wanted her?!?!  

I was trying to find a picture of what she looked like and the first thing I found was superstar Barbie 1976. Um, no! How could that be? I had to dig further to find the superstar Barbie I adored was actually a remake in the early 90s from the 1970s *gasp* I still love her anyways. 
I think this may be the one I had to have, the stars in her eyes and Ken's shiny silver suit seems to strike memories! Stars Everywhere!!

What was your favorite Barbie?

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Happy Birthday Barbie

Monday, March 6, 2017

Treat Yourself

"Facials are workout for your skin" 

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Treat Yourself

Going to spa sounds so relaxing and dreamy but it can be expensive and impractical but thar doesn't me we can't pamper ourselves at home!  

These are some natural recipes we can do ourselves to relax and get glowing skin!

1. Oatmeal exfoliating face mask-

This mask is so simple yet it really refreshes your skin.  This says to rub it into your skin but you can also use less water to make it into a paste and let it sit as a mask. 

2. Bath Bomb
Drop this little ball in a warm bath to soften and moisturize skin while soaking.

3. Brown Sugar Body Scrub
   After soaking, use this scrub to slough off dry skin and help it to absorb moisturizer better.

4. Hot oil hair treatment
   Moisturize your hair with hot oil. 

5. Manicure & Pedicure

   Steps to a perfect manicure & pedicure 

Do you like to do spa treatments at home? What are your favorite ones? 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Collection- Colored Pencils

After I tried Jane Davenport's neutral watercolors, I flipped open the tin of her colored pencils. she calls them Magic Wands, not colored pencils!   

  The Magic Wands are a twenty four set of rainbow colors. A lot of colored pencils are very hard and have little color when they are used but Jane's Magic Wands are soft like Prismacolor colored pencils yet they are strong enough to  hold a sharp point, unlike Prismacolor pencils which break easily.  

There are a couple pencils suited to skintones, more pinks and purples, and niche colors like turquoise.  The unique colors make for fun choices. 

Using the magic wands there wasn't much wax buildup and it felt smooth to the touch afterwards.

They don't immediately lay down a lot of pigment.  I had to go over the swatches at least  twice for the colors to look strong.  It was a small disappointment at first. On Jane's website she has videos showing the use of all her product and a free mixed media classdemonstrating her products. In the Magic Wands video she says they are meant to lay color down lightly so you can layer colors or combine them with other products (to create mixed media)!

Have you tried the JDMM magic wands? What did you think of them?