Monday, February 6, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Neutral Watercolors Review


Last year, I was so excited for #janessecret which was that, Jane Davenport was releasing her own Mixed Media Range (JDMM) exclusively at Michael's.  The wait is finally over and her products are available. 

I have been lucky enough to get a few things and will tell you all about them. It was hard to decide what to get first but it isn't surprising that I chose watercolors, is it? 

She has two watercolor sets,  a neutrals set and a brights set. She refers to the as warm primaries (neutrals) and cool primaries (brights).   I chose to start with the neutral set for its options of skin tones. 


The neutral set comes in a small gold tin that opens to a mixing card to test your colors. Underneath that is a plastic piece that flips out to mix your colors on, and  under the mixing palette is the twelve half pans of watercolor.

I jumped in and saw that they feel smooth, a little creamy, and are thick. They are very pigmented and at first not transparent  but I wouldn't call them opaque because they are not. What makes them interesting is that you can lay down a lot of color that you almost can not see through but then add more water and they do become transparent. I was surprised that the color called mango  was a bright orange but with more water turned to a nice yellow! It's a versatile little set and because of that they take some intentionality and practice but they are lot of fun. 

After having tried the neutral palette, I couldn't wait to get the brights set  but the Jane Davenport line and specifically the watercolors have been so popular that I have not been able to get a set of the brights! I hear they are working hard to make more as they basically sold out in the first two weeks. Stay tuned.. 

Jane has also  created a FREE Mixed Media class explaining her products and some techniques.  

Have you tried any of the JDMM line? What did you try and what did you think of it?

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