Monday, February 20, 2017

Love Your Pet Day

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Love your dog  day// westie book

Today is an awesome day. It's a stop whatever kind of blog post you had planned for today kind of day - because its "love your pet" day!! 

For most of my life if you told me that I would like a dog, live with a dog, and *gasp* love a dog, I would've laughed at you! I didn't like dogs but then this sweet and stubborn little 5lb puppy came into my life, layed under the counter ledge, expressed every emotion through her eyes, and over time  began to grow on me. By  getting to know her, I began to accept dogs as whole but it's hard to imagine than anyone can compare to my puppy-girl.
Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Love your dog  day// westie popcorn

In her 12 years she has been by my side and with me through a lot of ups and downs. When I'm sick she checks up on me, when I have surgery she tensely watches over and protects me, when she gets groomed she sticks her nose in the air and gets mad at me, and is terrible at playing fetch. She really just wants to be another human.

She's my forever puppy and supposed to live forever.  Love you dogs today and everyday!!

Do you have a pet? What do you love about them? 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Winter Getaway!

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// winter getaway

It's the middle of the winter and everything is gray and dreary. Sometimes you want to get away, if you can in person you can in your mind and daydream a vacation. 

Here's some places you could go.

San Diego
   Southern California has a pretty even climate so it's nice all year round, they don't have seasons! 

Florida Keys
   Always warm, lots of fishing and the beach! 

  Does Hawaii need much of an explanation? It's lush and green and like paradise. 

Some people seem to like winter, snow, and winter sports. If that's you thing winter is the perfect time to getaway.
   I lumped them altogether because they all snowy and there's snowboarding and  skiing. Isn't that what winter trips are about? If that's not your thing, hot chocolate and cute boots in a ski lodge works! 

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Everything''s coming up Roses

Roses are traditional  and the most sought after flower.  Each color Rose has a different meaning:

Red- love
Pink- appreciation & gentleness
White- innocence 
Yellow- friendship
Orange- enthusiasm 
Peach- sincerity
Lavendar - enchantedness
Black - death
Blue- the unattainable 

What color is your favorite rose? 

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Everything''s Coming Up Roses

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sketchworthy Reads: Atlantic Pacific

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads-Atlantic Pacific// ponytail & poncho

Atlantic Pacific is one of the most popular fashion blogs around.  It is run by Blair Eadie and showcases her outfits so powerfully that she rarely adds words to her posts. 

Atlantic Pacific was started when Blair was working for the Gap and saw that street style and fashion blogs were a large influence on products lines. She thought she could do the same and Atlantic Pacific was born. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Neutral Watercolors Review


Last year, I was so excited for #janessecret which was that, Jane Davenport was releasing her own Mixed Media Range (JDMM) exclusively at Michael's.  The wait is finally over and her products are available. 

I have been lucky enough to get a few things and will tell you all about them. It was hard to decide what to get first but it isn't surprising that I chose watercolors, is it? 

She has two watercolor sets,  a neutrals set and a brights set. She refers to the as warm primaries (neutrals) and cool primaries (brights).   I chose to start with the neutral set for its options of skin tones. 


The neutral set comes in a small gold tin that opens to a mixing card to test your colors. Underneath that is a plastic piece that flips out to mix your colors on, and  under the mixing palette is the twelve half pans of watercolor.

I jumped in and saw that they feel smooth, a little creamy, and are thick. They are very pigmented and at first not transparent  but I wouldn't call them opaque because they are not. What makes them interesting is that you can lay down a lot of color that you almost can not see through but then add more water and they do become transparent. I was surprised that the color called mango  was a bright orange but with more water turned to a nice yellow! It's a versatile little set and because of that they take some intentionality and practice but they are lot of fun. 

After having tried the neutral palette, I couldn't wait to get the brights set  but the Jane Davenport line and specifically the watercolors have been so popular that I have not been able to get a set of the brights! I hear they are working hard to make more as they basically sold out in the first two weeks. Stay tuned.. 

Jane has also  created a FREE Mixed Media class explaining her products and some techniques.  

Have you tried any of the JDMM line? What did you try and what did you think of it?