Monday, January 23, 2017

Pantone Spring 2017 pt 1

Every year Pantone releases what are going to be the popular colors for the year and picking one forecast to be the most popular color of the year.  

Last year I made a list of how to mix the 2016 colors ( pt 1 & 2) with paint from a basic watercolor palette. 

Pantone's 2017 colors are based in nature but with a sense of imagination appearing different than the traditonal color. 

The 2017 color of the year is Greenery. 
  Greenery is meant to be just like it is named to describe the green in plants we see outside. 

  We know from color theory that green is made by mixing yellow and blue and the shade of green depends on which color we use more of. 

Greenery is a yellow green so our base is a warm yellow mixed with drops of warm blue till we make the green shade we want. 

   Niagra is denim-like blue and according to Pantone, said to be the most prevalent color this Spring. 
  Blue is a primary color and Niagra blue is a medium blue. To make Niagra take your basic blue and adjust it to the shade you want.   
  To make it lighter gradually add white.  With watercolor you can  lighten it by adding more water. 

  To darken your blue very, very gently add a little black or dark brown. 

Primrose Yellow
  In contrast to the calm of Niagra, Primrose yellow is a vibrant, warm yellow. Another primary color we have from the beginning. Primrose Yellow will be our warm yellow. 

Lapis Blue
   Lapis Blue is intense and bold.  Again all you need is your primary blue. It's on the warm side. 

   Flame is a rich and dramatic. It is like the flaming sun in summer. Flame is a red- based orange. To make flame, start with a warm red and gradually add your warm yellow (possibly primrose Yellow) till you get the pop of orange you want. 

Next week we'll finish up the colors!


  1. This is my kind of color palette!! That green is almost the exact shade of my favorite color!