Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sumet Bucket List

Sprinkle on glitter blog// summer bucket list// hot air balloon

Happy Summer! Last year I made a fall bucket list and though it'd be fun to do the same thing with summer, the time for vacations, swimming, and generally having fun! 

- Watch the sunrise 
- Go Swimming
- Eat an ice cream cone
- Go to a drive- in movie
- Get a bright pedicure 
- Watch fireworks on the 4th
- Have a bbq
- Ride a rollercoaster
- Pick strawberries
- Make strawberry shortcake

What is on you Summer bucket list? Have you don't anything on this list? 

Monday, June 19, 2017

One Flower- Three Ways

I can't help but endlessly be inspired by Alisa Burke. Her creativity blows my mind, how does she think of the crafts she does? How does she have the patience to see through some of them with how tedious they are? All in all I just admire how gifted she is. One thing she likes to do it to take an object and draw it three different ways. It's really fun to see how the same thing can change with the medium or technique that you use.  

I thought I'd give it a try with some flowers.  I chose poppies.

My first one is finger painted with acrylic. No surprise it was inspired by Alisa Burke's finger painting. I love how the bright colors compliment  each other and the texture created by using my fingers.

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// one flower- three ways//acrylic

 I used Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers, they are filled with liquid watercolor that works like a marker, pretty inventive! This one is nice but it falls flat compared to the finger painted one, doesn't it?

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// one flower- three ways//marker

What I like about this one is how the colors bleed and blend together. Watercolor goes where the  water is and when two wet spots touch each other they will mix together. It's something that has a mind of its own and the results will always be a surprise.

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// one flower- three ways//watercolor

Have you tried one subject in multiple mediums? What did you like about it and learn from it?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Color Splash Pt 2

Last week I listed some of my favorite colors and mentioned how my favorite colors are not colors that I paint with the most. So I thought I'd also list colors I like to paint with. 
   I don't get it, I've never liked yellow but it is one of the first colors used up. Probably because yellow is a primary and therefore the base of many colors. Also it's found in nature so when I paint flowers it's put to good use.  
   I like warm yellows the best and yellow ochre which isn't really yellow. It's more of a tan and a very earthy color but it's valuable for skin and hair. 
  Another color I hadn't liked much before painting that is quickly gone from my palette. I do like wet in wet washes of a light yellow- green into a deep forest green. It blends so luciously  and makes painting stems fun! 
   I was never against purple it was just a middle of the road color to me. When I started painting I quickly learned that my favorite color, pink,  wasn't a very strong color to use in watercolor. So I turned  to purple and love how it's such a regal color. 

What are your favorite colors to use? 

Monday, June 12, 2017

3 Ways to Wear Gingham

One print that's everywhere this Spring is gingham. This  lightweight, patterned cotton often seen on button ups has many creative ways to incorporate  it that won't make you look like a picnic blanket!

On your feet
Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// 3 ways to wear gingham//shoes

As a romper with ruffles

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// 3 ways to wear gingham//romper

Over your shoulder

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// 3 ways to wear gingham//bag

How do you wear gingham?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Color Splash Pt 1

When I used up my first watercolor set I was surprised by the colors that disappeared the quickest. They weren't my favorite colors.  Funny, how could a color I didn't really like be a color that frequented my painting? I don't have a deep answer to that question but as I continue to paint, the colors I like in everyday life are not the colors that are used up the quickest on my paint palette. So I when I started to think of posting about my favorite colors I realized I have to break the post into two posts- colors I love  and colors I love to paint with.  

 I love bright colors and rich, deep jewel tones. 
 My favorite color is pink and has been for a long time. I like a lot of shades of pink. Coral is a favorite and so it's fuschia-like hot pink but I also a traditional middle pink. The only pink I don't really like is powder pink but overall "pink is my signature color" :) 
   Blue was my favorite color when  I was little and I still like it a lot. When I was little I cried because my cousin had a blue blanket and I had a  yellow one.  
I then loved coloring with cerulean blue crayons growing up. I didn't know how to pronounce cerulean, I learned that watching "The Devil Wears Prada" it was a light bulb moment "that's what the crayon is called!" 
Burnt Orange 
  I don't know why but when fall rolls around I love the warmth of burnt orange.  It's very crisp and homey. 

What are you favorite colors?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Artists Who Inspire- Inslee Haynes Fariss

Not long after I found Brooke Hagel, I came across the art of Inslee Haynes Fariss. I don't remember how exactly but I knew that I was searching fashion illustration and when I found her art I was equally as taken as I was with Brooke Hagel's work.

   Inslee sells prints, custom illustration, stationary, and yearly calendars on her website.


  I love her whimsical and classy approach. All of her illustration even the most contemporary ones have a touch of vintage to them.  Each years calendar has a theme to it and is filled with twelve original illustrations.  

  Inslee grew up sketching and painting and studied art history in college. One summer while looking for a job she decided to put together a calendar and start marketing as a way to stay busy. Her job search continued with no luck. One day she was upset wondering why she wasn't getting a good job like all her other friends when she realized she DID have a job. She started her own company!  It took her a while to accept her career path was different than others but since she realized it she hasn't looked back and "Inslee by Design" has done nothing but grow since.  

Check her out @inslee

Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Illustration Proccess

Over time I've figured out a system of sketching and painting  that works for me. It's probably similar to other artists and still different from some.

Select an inspiration image.  
   I usually scroll through Pinterest, magazines, or Instagram to see what pops out and add my own ideas to it. 

Preliminary Sketch 
   With pencil sketch out the image as loosely and lightly as I can. Then tighten the lines a little 

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// outline

Add permanent ink 
  I outline the final sketch with a permenent pen and erase the other stray lines. 

Add color 
  I lay down a light layer of water color.   After that has dried I add shadows and let them dry. I repeat this until the layers I need are done. 
Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// first layer

Colored pencil 
  I go in to some spots with colored pencil to deepen the shadows and add more contrast. 

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// colored pencil

White pen & ink 
   I add a few bright highlights with my white Sharpie paint pen. Then use my permanent pen to fix spots in the outline they need it. 

 Sprinkle with glitter.  
   My last step is deciding where I want to sprinkle glitter!

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my illustration proccess// finished

What is your illustration process?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sketchworthy Reads- Gold is My Neutral

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads- Gol's is my Neutral 1

Gold is My Neutral is a fashion & lifestyle blog run by Jenn. She boasts that she's never been a fan of fashion rules- when she was eight she writes that she wore her hair in s ponytail on top of her head and lime green spandex ensemble to school. Well, I must not be a fan of fashion rules either because I wore some of the same type of outfits, though they weren't  lime green they were more hot pink and rainbow leopard! We must be spirit animals of the 90s!

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads- Gol's is my Neutral 2

She loves to express her individuality through her clothes and her inspiration for "Gold is my Neutral"
came when she fell in love and bought a gold Tory Burch bag and all her husband could say was "it's gold"  but gold is a neutral!   

With that her blog as born and became her baby. However, just recently she had a little baby boy  and I can't wait to see all the cute things she dresses him up in.

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads- Gol's is my Neutral 3

Monday, May 22, 2017

My Favorite YouTube Channels

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my favorite YouTube channels

I love taking online classes to learn to techniques and challenge myself but youtube is also a free plethora of knowledge. Sometimes I can't get over how much I can learn by searching youtube and watching videos.  You can learn anything you want and what makes it even more awesome is that some of the channel owners are very successful in their careers. To think that by watching a few video I am being guided by a teacher at a renowned art school blows my mind!

  These are some of my favorite YouTube channels:

   Laura Volpintesta is a teacher at Parsons School of Design and offers online courses on her website and through craftsy. She also has an active YouTube channel frequently posting videos on figure drawing, pattern making, & rendering. 

  I like that Laura's videos are approachable and she takes us through the entire proccess. She says she brings the same techniques to youtube that she uses at parsons and that's awesome to think about!!

   Zoe Hong is also a teacher at a design school. She uploads videos weekly that run the gamut from testing supplies to drawing croquis.   

  I like how she's very thorough and constantly encourages us to practice. She also walks through techniques using multiple mediums. So when she's teaching how to render fabric she shows how to do it in pencil, watercolor, and goauche. It's really helpful to know the differences in what you are using. 

  She often says "it's hard because it's hard, not because there's anything wrong with you." It's a comforting thought when it feels like I've  been practicing  something over and over and it's still not where I want it to be. 

   Joanna Baker is a fashion illustrator who recently  started her YouTube channel. Her videos are short and concise with tips and tricks on how to create fashion illustration. 

   Agnes Cecile is an artist that posts time lapsed videos of her painting. They are fun to watch. 

   The Mind of Watercolor is the newest YouTube channel I've started watching. The idea behind the name is that watercolor has its own mind and we as artists need to mind that. Steve Mitchell, the artist who runs the channel calls his regular viewers "minders"

 He has wide array of video from supply reviews to him walking us through his paintings. What I like most is the "watercolor basics" playlist. He gives a lot of valuable information and exercises in it. 

The playlist says that it is watercolor basics and they are basics but watching them I realize that when I was a beginner I wouldn't have appreciated these videos as much. I wanted to move on and create things I liked,  not try and fill different shapes with as flat a wash as possible.   Now that I have some painting experience I see these are very valuable and something I want to practice a lot more. 

What are you favorite youtube channels? Have they taught you anything? 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Collage Papers


  When Jane Davenport's Mixed Media line (JDMM) came out there were some things I wasn't sure if I would get. One of them was the collage papers but curiosity got the best of me. 

 The main reason I wasn't sure about the collage papers is because I had tried collage in the past and it wasn't something I was crazy about. When I would draw over the collage parts my pencil often scratch through the layer of matte medium I had put down. Very frustrating!   Looking through Jane Davenport's product videos I learned that her collage papers were a napkin, not an actually paper. I was intrigued.  I knew that she liked to use what she referred to as "serviettes" a fancy name for napkin but i never thought napkins were collage.  

I did some research and found that the reason my pencils were scratching through my collage was because I had been using magazine images and magazines are glossy. My pencils had nothing to grip. I learned from Jane that the napkin material creates a surface pencils can grip. 

With my new knowledge I wanted to give collage another try with napkin collage papers. 

The JDMM napkins are cute, they are printed with different patterns of Jane's art on them. I don't think you could find dinner napkins like that anywhere. 

One complaint I have is that the collage paper with multiple faces has them all close together. By trying to tear out one face, even when I wet an outline of the face as Jane says, I tore into other faces making them unusable.  I tried using scissors to cut the next face napkin and it worked better! 

Adding the collage papers to my paper was easy and it melted into the paper. I was surprised how it became part of the paper I was using. When the matter medium dried it was a little  rough but the pencil didn't scratch through it. I was easily able to paint around the collage and make it part of the painting.   

I also tried ripping up a bunch of little pieces and creating a background that way but it ended up bumpy and uneven, I didn't like it.

I'm still practice collage but using the JDMM collage papers is definitely a step about magazine pictures and a fun thing to try. 

Have you tried anyone of the JDMM line? What did you think of it? 

Monday, May 15, 2017

3 Ways To Wear Ruffles

Ruffles might remind you of when you were a little girl but with a little ingenuity you can add them to your outfit for a trendy, feminine  twist. . The secret is to make the ruffle the focal point of your outfit. Think frilly sleeves and flippy accents! 

On your straps or in the back
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog//:3 Ways to Wear Ruffles// blue dress

As bell sleeves 

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog//:3 Ways to Wear Ruffles// bell sleeves

Off the shoulder

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog//:3 Ways to Wear Ruffles// off the shoulder

Monday, May 8, 2017

Artists Who Inspire- Brooke Hagel

Sprinkle on glitter blog// artist's who inspire-brooke hagel

I think every person who loves to  create also has a long list of artists who inspire them. The first real artist to inspire me is Brooke Hagel of Brooklit and Brooklitbride.

As long as I can remember I wanted to be someone who could draw but growing up I tried and it was never good. I thought that an artist just knew inside of them how to do everything and that it came out correctly right when they wanted it to.  


 A couple of years ago, I was randomly scrolling around on etsy and came across the cutest picture of a girl in a white dress and a black sash. I clicked on the store and was enthralled with all the products. They were  prints by brooklit and from there I went to check out her website Fabulous Doodles.  

 I sat there looking at her art thinking "THAT is what I want to do" but had no idea how. 

It took a lot of practice, frustration, and years but slowly my drawing  has improved.  

I love Brooke's style and how when she does custom illustrations they capture the essence of her subject perfectly. She has such a gift and I can only dream of drawing as well as her. 

She sells prints and custom illustrations in her Etsy  shop, brooklit as well as bridal illustrations in her shop, brooklitbride.  She had also work with clients such as Vogue, Clinique, Seventeen Magazine and done live sketching events.

Brooke's Instagram is filled with snapshots of her art, her favorite tools (copic markers & prismacolor colored pencils), & art that inspires her. 

Check her out- you won't be disappointed!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Favorite Songs Pt 2

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// favorite songs pt 2

Although I posted about my favorite songs before, I had to do it again because new songs are always coming out. When new songs come out, new favorites happen and that's a lot of fun but skipping through my iPod reminds me of old favorites! Music is good all around :)

Play That Song- Train 

The Best is Yet to Come- Sheppard


Some Kind of Wonderful- Michael Buble

Brave - Sara Baerellis 

Someone Worth Dying For- Mikeschair
Try - Colbie Calliet
What are your favorite songs?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Good For The Soul

The past few weeks, Alisa Burke has been posting instagtam videos of the journal she uses to wind down everyday. She sets a time limit for herself, usually 10-15 minutes and then goes for it. Usually it is finger painting, one of her favorite mediums, and it is beautiful!!
It reminds me of the freedom I found in finger painting a while ago but go away from in the journey to learn more ways to improve my art. I have to work on adding fingerprinting back into my routine, it's good for the soul :

A few months ago, I dipped my fingers in acrylic paint and started twirling and tapping them on my paper. It might sound silly but what I found was relaxing and uplifting. Finger painting is really fun!!

Since then Ive been in a finger painting flower phase.  Its all very loose and abstract and can take more layers and time to complete but looking at a finshed painting is like a big, bright smile.     

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Good For the Soul 1

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Good For the Soul 2

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Good For the Soul 3

Inspired by Alisa Burke
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Good For the Soul 4

Inspired by Alisa Burke

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Over The Rainbow


As if I haven't posted enough about Jane Davenport  this year already, she has a new class that I had to take and talk about. Almost every week with a new lesson I thought "wow, Jane has really brought it this time!"

"Over the Rainbow" takes us through one of Jane's favorite books and movies,  the "Wizard of Oz". I will admit I've never been much of a fan of the Wizard of Oz, those flying monkeys are terrifying but I love Janes teaching style and her dedication to new techniques in each class. 

While exploring each character, Jane has woven in new skills that she never had before. This course goes over oiled charcoal, perspective drawing, and face profile drawing! All of them are advanced techniques but Jane breaks them down into approachable steps that with practice can be accomplished.

"Over the Rainbow" also used a number of the products from Jane's new mixed media line at Michaels.

This class isn't a beginner class, well if you want to it is, there's no fear in trying anything. If you love Jane Davenport or the Wizard of Oz, you'll love the class!

Have you taken any classes this year?