Thursday, December 28, 2017

7 Favorites of 2017

The past few years I've listed my favorites of the year, 5 in 2015 and 6 in 2016, now in no particular order, it's 7 in 2017!

     Last years "Jane's secret" was one is my favorites. I knew what the secret was, Jane Davenport was releasing a line of mixed media products  at Michaels but I didn't know what those products were yet. All of the her products were a favorite but the watercolor are my top favorite of her line.  She has two petite palettes. One of them is nuetrals. They are filled with basic colors that are mostly warm. 

JDMM watercolors are very creamy and thick. Right out of pan they color is extremely dense and pigmented but water them down and they become very transparent. This makes the quite versatile. 

   The second watercolor set in the JDMM line is the brights. Do they ever live up to their name, the colors are super bright and just like the nuetrals, rich and creamy:
   What I like about the brights is the colors are specialized and unique. They are your basic bright pink or bright yellow, they are a great combination of pink and purple creating an eye popping fuschia!  There's also multiple shades of pink, purple, and red which are generally hard to find in watercolor. 

    Creativebug is a fun site that offers thousands of classes on different hobbies. They are all there painting, drawing, sewing, knitting the possibilities are endless and they are always adding new classes. 
   You have the option to sign up for an individual class or buy a month at a time. With creativebug, you're bever at a loss for lean ring something new. 

     The Frugal Crafter is a YouTube channel run by Lindsey Wierech. She posts multiple videos about her crafting each week walking us through tutorials, supplies, organizing, and everything. 

    The Mind of Watercolor is another YouTube channel by Steve Mitchell. This one based in watercolor. My favorite part about it is the basics playlist.  He takes us through the basic foundations of watercolor and it is so worth it! 

  When I first started watercolor I would've been tempted to rush through  his exercises but now I have a lot Id appreciation for practice them and probably will go back to them time and again. 

      The Mitsubishi KH-20 is no ordinary pencil sharpener.   It give the options of two pencil ends,  sharp and blunt. The sharp tip never disappoints, it's so exciting to use. 

    I may have said these were in no particular order but this one has to be my most favorite! Back in July I was completely surprised to see that feedspot (an rss reader) name this very blog, Sprinkle On Glitter, one of the top 100 fashion illustration blogs on the planet.  

 I was blown away and making a list like that had only ever been a dream!!

What have been your favorites of 2017? 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day!!

Sprinkle On Glitter blog// Merry Christmas

"And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord." Luke 2:8-11

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Journal DE Voyage

Once again, i was thrilled when Jane Davenport annlunced a new class! The most exciting this about Journal De Voyage is that Jane Davenport has been planning and recording it for the past number of years as she’s traveled. The premise is simple, sketching what’s around you as you are out and about, whether big or small.  
  We start out going over the kinds if supplies and sketchbooks to take with us and the we are off. Jane takes us around the world as she has give to Tokyo, London, Mexico City, Paris, and more.   Watching the videos of what she did around these cities was one of the most fun parts. But there was also teaching she stretched us into drawing buildings and skylines and seeing what’s around us in a different way.

After she went all around she was back at home to put together all she took in and make it into a travel journal.  

I liked this class because it was a different perspective and different speed from her others classes. It also have lots of ideas of other things to put together add into my art that I may not have realized before.

Have you taken Journal De Voyage or created your own travel journal? What was your experience with it?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

5 of the Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

One of my favorites things about Christmas is the cookies!! With everything decorated the smell of baking cookies waffles around & wraps it all up!

See that the picture there, it's the basic ingredients to s'mores, not exactly a cookie or Christmas-y but they are perfect whenever you have them! 
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// best Christmas cookie recipes

These are some of my favorite Christmas cookies 

   Soft, chewy, and chocolatey! What more can you ask for? 

   These are like a homemade peanut butter cup! They are little balls of peanut butter dipped in chocolate and kept in the refrigerator. 

 These cookies are fun because they are both cute and tasty. They look cute all rolled up or twisted and it's like eating two cookies in one a chocolate cookie and a sugar cookie. 
   These little nuggets are crispy on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside! Plus, they are fun to push outhe of the little machine. 

   Oreo truffles are the kind of dessert you dream about!! They are crushed oreoes mixed with cream cheese and butter than dipped in chocolate. It sounds simple and it really is but they will blow your mind! 

What are your favorite Christmas cookies? 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Art Book Gift Guide

Sprinkle on glitter blog// art book gift guide

 Another gift for artists is a book. Books are a broad and rather personal category. These are some books I have used, enjoyed, and wos recommend! 

   By Sandra burke 
      This is the very first book I got when I decided to draw fashion illustration. I like it because it gives very straight forward, easy to follow instructions.  In the beginning my figures  hardly looked anything like they were supposed too but that's not the books fault. From the book, I felt like I understood fashion illustration  lingo and techniques even if I couldn't execute them.  

Fashion Artist starts out teaching the basics of drawing a croqui. Brings you into fleshing it out, drawing the face, and later rendering basic outfits. It finishes up with how to create and present a fashion portfolio.  

It's a great book for cutting your teeth on fashion illustration. 

    By Iris Scott 

    Finger Painting Weekend is pretty simple. It's to walk you through Iris Scott's innovative finger painting technique.  She briefly touches on supplies & how she approaches her paintings and the rest of her book is tutorials of some of her popular paintings. 

    By Jane Davenport 
     I never would've grasped faces without Jane Davenport's Beautiful Faces. I was unsure if it was worth getting her book but amazon had all 5 star reviews, I jumped in and it turned me into a total Davenpeep!! 
 In this book Jane takes a through the basics of sketching a face and then how to create them with different mediums. Every face in the book is centered around Jane's style or art but learning the basics as well as how she does it is a great jumping off point to creating your own style.  

    By Stephanie Corfee
      The first time I tried fashion illustration, I ultimately gave it up because I stunk at it. Doodling brought me back to art!   
    Creative Doodling and Beyond shows how everyone can doodle and turn it into something beautiful.   When you start doodling you never know, your confidence can grow, you'll try new things and beyond that the skies the limit!

    By Steven Thomas Miller 
   Drawing Fashion Accessories goes over the basics of drawing and rendering accessories in different mediums. 
   It covers a lot of material and is great to have on hand for references

What are your favorite books? Are there any ones you're hoping to see under the Christmas tree? 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

5 of My Favorite Christmas Movies

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// 5 of my favorite Christmas movies

Christmas movies are just another thing that make Christmas traditions. For the past how many years, I can't remember, one of my favorite things leading up to Christmas has been watching nightly Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movies no matter how cheesy  they are. The cornier they are the funnier they are, it seems. 

     A fun, lighthearted movie about a couple trying to boycott Christmas in a Christmas-crazed neighborhood. 

   A funny  movie about what it's like to have to visit everyone in your family for Christmas. 

   I think you can watch this all year round but it is set with the backdrop of Christmas. It's such a cute movie where an awkward girl pretends to be the fiancĂ© of a guy she has a crush on he's on a comma.

    Just classic. 

  This is a Lifetime movie that I fell in love with the first time I saw it and have looked forward to watching it every year since. I was bummed it wasn't on last year and hoping it's on this year!!  This is a quirky movie of an engaged couple trying to celebrate Christmas with her Christmas family and his Jewish family. 

What are your favorite Christmas movies? 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Art Journal Gift Guide

Sprinkle on glitter blog// art journal gift guide

With Christmas fast approaching the never ending question of what to get people comes up.  Everyone can be hard to shop for at one time or another, especially artist friends or anyone who wants to get started. There's all kinds of art supplies and categories that it seems impossible to sort through. 

  A simple approach is through art journaling, it's open-ended and versatile. There are no rules, it's whatever you want, is a perfect way to learn what you are interested in, and a perfect way to try something new you might be too afraid to show others.  

1. Mixed Media Paper
    There's a bunch of different paper types and paper weights out there. All have their use but mixed media paper is designed to pile it all on! Good places to start are JDMMStrathmore 400 Series, and Canson XL 

2. Gesso 
     Gesso is a paste applied to paper to prime it for using  multiple types media. 

3. Color
     You can add color in so many different ways! And in mixed media you add different ones on top of each  other. There's no need to be stuck with one medium, try it all. It adds a lot of dimension. 

  Colored Pencils- just as they sound pencils with color! Prismacolor or Jane Davenport are great! 
   Neo color 2 or Gelato's - these are considered pastels. They are water soluble, you color or draw with them and then over them with water (or even gesso!) to melt them and gain a new look!

  Markers- there's two types of markers, waterbased which as washable like crayola or tombow. Then, there's alchohol based that are permanent like Copic 

  Paint - grab some watercolor for a light, transparent look or go for an opaque, layer able look with acrylics

    Outline what or add lines to whatever you've put down without worrying itll be smudged by water or paint.

5. Stickers 
    Add embellishments like stickers, washi tape, even collage with magazine of pictures to frame, be a focal point, or create a memory in your art journal.

6. A bag to store it all.
     It definitely helps to have a cute bag to take your art journaling with you! This bag is from Jeanne Oliver''s new shop and made exactly for the purpose of bringing your supplies along.

Have you started an art journal? What art journaling supplies would you want for Christmas? 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas music is loved because it's so happy and magical. It's hopeful, often corny, and gets stuck in your head. Even people who say they don't like Christmas music, I think, would miss it if we had a holiday season without it. 

 When I was little I couldn't wait to start listening to Christmas music. As soon as I started thinking about Thanksgiving, I started thinking about Christmas music.  Waiting until after Thanksgiving felt like it lasted forever. We only had one tape with Christmas music, it was old and had songs like "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "Merry Christmas, Darling" I think  the tape was from the 80s.  As a teenager '*NSYNC came out with a Christmas CD and I feel like that's all the needs to said.  

Now, I like all kinds of Christmas music. The most listened to are probably Michael Buble' and Lady Antebellum's Christmas albums because they are in my iPod but any era and genre of Christmas music can be fun.

Sprinkle on glitter blog// my favorite Christmas songs

1. Last Christmas  Taylor Swift 

2. On this Winters Night by Lady Antebellum

5. That's Christmas to Me by Pentatonix

6. O Holy Night By Celine Dion

7. Do You Hear What I Hearr by Carrie Underwood

8. O Come All Ye Faithful by Jeremy Camp

9.  Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra 

10. Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battistelli

What are your favorite Christmas songs? 

Monday, November 27, 2017

3 Ways to Wear Monochromatic Red

Flipping though things to sketch this fall I see the abundance of both monochromatic outfits and red outfits. As seen in the Pantone Fall Report, shades of red are every where this fall. So why not combine them both?! 

An eye popping jumpsuit

Sprinkle on glitter blog// monochromatic red//jumpsuit

Knee high boots and coat

Sprinkle on glitter blog// monochromatic red//boots & coat

Dress and heels
Sprinkle on glitter blog// monochromatic red//dress

How would you wear monochromatic ted?

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Best Pencil Sharpener Ever!

   I first heard of the Mitsubishi kh-20 pencil sharpener fromJane Davenport (is anyone surprised?)  She raved about it and it made me interested.  It was big and expensive for not only  a pencil sharpener but a hand crack pencil sharpener. Over time I heard about it other places too, I took a better look and saw that  many people loved it.
 Why? Because it has the ability to sharpens pencils to an insanely sharp point but it can also create a blunt tip. One pencil sharpener fitting both needs!  I got one and I was not disappointed. 

Hand cranking is worth it though. This sharpener has a small button in the back. Push it in and your tip will be a little blunt but still reasonably  sharp. Push it out and you pencil will have  a thinner, sharper tip than you imagined and get this- the tip won't break when you touch it to the paper!

The sharpener is a large and the instructions are entirely in Japanese but a few clicks on YouTube reveals many videos on how to use. Basically set it on a flat surface, push the button to what kind of tip you want, pull out the front piece, insert your pencil, and sharpen. Another cool feature is that you can feel the blade pull back  when it is fully sharpened.

 If you regularly draw I highly recommend the Mitsubishi kh-20! 

Do you have a favorite pencil sharpener? 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Artists Who Inspire- Evelyn Henson

I love Evelyn Henson's story, it's so fun. In college, as an art history major, she decided to paint some flowers as a Mother's Day gift. Her mother (and Evelyn) loved them so much Evelyn kept painting. As she learned more she began selling these great flower paintings that were bright and cheerful. 

While her business grew she continued to grow her skills and it is so evident in her products. She has gone from painting and selling  only flowers to an entire range of patterns, scenes, and animals.  

Evelyn's motto is a that "painting is a celebration of life"  and her work fulfills that. Many of her paintings have cute puns on them, too. She's so clever and creative.

Are you a fan of Evelyn Henson? What do you love about her?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pumpkin Spice & everything Nice

Sprinkle on glitter blog// pumpkin spice & everything nice

It's the middle of fall which means everyone is drinking a pumpkin spice latte.  It's become synonymous with fall. Everyone likes to grab them from Starbucks but wouldn't it be cool to not have to leave your home to fulfill your craving?! 

Is that possible, you say? Yes, yes it is! Starbucks is super but it's not a magic formula, you can make a pumpkin spice latte yourself: 

Pumpkin spice mix from Allrecipes

Pumpkin spice latte from Inspired Taste

Have you made anything pumpkin spice at home?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Day 31 & the Wicked Witch

This is the Wicked Witch of the West, which isn't technically Disney but you might be surprised.  Did you know the original  Wizard of Oz was inspired by Snow White and that Walt Disney had planned on making an animated version of the Wizard of Oz but found out someone else has bought the rights? 

TakingJane Davenport''s Wizard of Oz class, Over the Rainbow,, I painted the wicked witch and to my surprise I really liked it. It got me to thinking that I wanted to try more viliians which in turn inspired this "write 31 days"! 

Happy Day 31!!

Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//wicked witch

Monday, October 30, 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017


   Tinker  Bell is a tink fairy known for her fiesty personality. She was created as a silent character who used facial expressions to communicate.  It wasn't until the 2008 3D computer-animated film that  Tinker Bell actually spoke. 

Had you realized Tinker Bell was always silent? We can sense so much of her as is!
Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//tinker bell

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Christmas Ariel

Ariel was originally planned to have curly hair but technology wasn't up to creating it at the time. When animators started making Merida of Brave they realized technology could finally create a curly haired Princess. But I still love Ariel's straight red hair! 
Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//Christmas ariel

Friday, October 27, 2017

Madison Draws Disney!

My  cousin, Madison, loves to draw. She'll share her work with me and some of the YouTube channels she watches. I also like to tell her about things I find.  It's a lot of fun. I thought it'd be cool to show off some of her art and also ask her about what makes art awesome to her.  

What do you love most about making art? 
- Drawing and finding out what it will look like in the end

What is your favorite thing to draw? 
-Disney characters

What is your favorite color? 
-All shades of blue

What is your favorite supply to use? 
-Colored pencils

Is there anything you are working towards learning right now? 
- Painting on canvas

Where do you get your ideas of what to make?
- My favorite is Draw So Cute tutorials

Let her know how awesome she is doing!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Pocahontas is the only Disney Princess based on a historical figure. The story in the film though is not accurate to the real life Pocahontas. 

 Watching the movie when I was little her blue necklace was my favorite part. What was your favorite part of Pocahontas?

Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//pocahontas

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Moana is the newest Disney Princess. She fearlessly takes on the Pacific Ocean. If you have a keen eye you might be able to spot multiple references to other Disney movies including The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Wreck-It- Ralph, and more. Plus many hidden Mickey Mouse's. 

Were you able to spot any of the cameos throughout Moana?
Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//moana

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Anna & Elsa

In the beginning stages of Frozen, Anna was on a quest to find the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen was Elsa. The filmmakers felt the idea had no heart abd eventually came up with the idea of having Anna and Elsa be sisters making them more relatable. Anna turned into a princess and Elsa who would've been a villian became a queen. 

Did you know that Rapunzel makes a cameo in Frozen?
Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//Anna & elsa

Monday, October 23, 2017


Like a few of the newer Disney movies, The Princess and the Frog pays homage to past Disney movies.  Scenes of birds were recycled from The Lion King and the interlude includes a dance from Dick Van Dike's dance with penguins in Mary PoppIns. 
Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//tiana

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Disney/Pixar created and registered their very own tartan pattern while creating  Brave.  The design has appeared  in theScottish Registry of Tartan since the movies release date since 2012. 

According to the registry:
"Much like Scotland itself, the DunBroch Tartan is set against the ocean blue of the North Sea. The deep scarlet represents the family’s reverence for its own history, and the blood shed during battles between the clans. Deep green shows a love for Scotland’s majestic highlands, where the story of Disney Pixar’s Braveunfolds. Navy blue, and its clear central intersections, represents the forging of the clans within the DunBroch kingdom. And finally, the subtle grey imbues a sense of respect for the inner soul of the strong Scottish people.”

Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//merida

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is  a very old woman who keeps Rapunzel hostage because Rapunzel's hair holds the ability to keep her young.

Sprinkle on glitter blog// 31 days of Disney// mother gothel

  Did you know that the movie starts and ends with sunshine?

Friday, October 20, 2017


Rapunzel is not your average Disney Princess, her hair is 70 feet long and she has the magical ability to heal things when she sings. 
Sprinkle on glitter blog//31 days of disney//rapunzel

Thursday, October 19, 2017


By her name, I didn't know who she was, Queen Narissa, is the villainess of Enchanted. She was created to have the best and worse traits of the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, and Maleficent
Sprinkle on glitter blog// 31 days of Disney// Narissa

 If I said, Narissa, would you know who she was?