Monday, December 5, 2016

Artist Stocking Stuffers

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If you love art and creating things than there isn't anything more exciting than opening a brand new art supply on Christmas morning. Getting new art supplies anytime of the year is like Christmas morning!   Sometimes though, supplies take up a lot of room or  have a lot of little pieces to them. When we only have a few minutes here and there to squeeze in sketching, using and carrying around something large or with a lot of pieces isn't practical and can really deter from the fun of a break from reality to sketch. 

Last year I put together two gift guides one basic and one luxury. This year I put together a simple list of small supplies that can be stocking stuffers and taken in your bag daily as you go! 

   First things first, we need paper to create and there so many small and cute sketchbook in different shapes and sizes to toss in our bags and bring along. 

If you're into fancy covers and bindings Moleskine offers sketchbooks starting at 3 1/2 x5 1/2 or scroll your art supply store sketchbook aisles to find the size for you. 

   Micron pens are filled with archival quality pigma  ink and thought by many professional  artists to be the creme de la creme of permanent pens.   They glide across the paper like velvet and come in multiple sizes and colors.  They are easy to slip in a pocket and pull out whenever you want to use them with your pocket sketchbook. 

  After you lay down a sketch sometimes (or all the time) you want to add color! Markers, colored pencils, and acrylics are  a lot take around and keep track of since each color is an individual piece.  Bring in the Sakura Koi Sketchbox and the problem is solved.

The Koi Sketchbox is a compact postcard sized box with high pigmented watercolors to pull out and brighten up your sketch but watercolors need water and a brush don't they?  Insert...

Well, the Koi set comes out its own waterbrush but you can also find waterbrushes to buy on their own.  They are a paint brush that has a water holder in the handle.  Twist off the brush tip, full the reservoir with water, and screw the top back on.  Then squeeze the brush handle, wetting the tip, and your able to use watercolor on the go!

These are just a few portavle supplies that woild make great stocking stuffers. What would be your artist stocking stuffer? 

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