Monday, November 14, 2016


Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Carolina Herrera// Splattered

This dress is from Carolina Herrera's fall 2016 line. I love the coral color though it isn't traditionally fall, it is a very warm rich color that really pops like so many fall colors do. I also really like how the skirt has color splattered and spread all over it. Watercolor has a mind of its own and it sort reminds of that. It's a wearable canvas :)
  What fall fashion has caught your eye lately?i


  1. Mostly, I just love sweatpants. :) I'm not at all a fashionista, but I agree that this coral color is gorgeous.

  2. I wear sweatpants most of the time too. Well, shorts since I'm in tx

  3. I love this skirt! I'm not into fashion but I would totally wear this.

    1. It is a pretty skirt! I have no idea where I could wear it but I do like looking and painting pretty things :)