Monday, November 28, 2016

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

It's time to put up  your Christmas tree. I've never been one to have a live Christmas tree, that's a lot of work outside, in the cold, and to keep it alive for a month. It's so much easier to pull out of the attic and set it up.   Doesn't the idea always seem so exciting at first but becoming tedious when attempting to put it up and decorate it? Afterwards it's fun to look at but you do have to take it down, or you could be like myGrandma and throw a large sheet over it (she kept her tree in the basement) 

Every year, for Christmas my brother and I got an ornament. Usually something that represented the past year but sometimes it was something random that we had  liked. Going through the old ornaments is probably the most fun part of putting up a Christmas tree for all the memories. 

It's hard to pick what my favorite ornament is, there's something I love about all of them but my Hello Kitty one really makes me happy, I like to use it as a topper. My leopard print glitter shoes and bag are favorites too, 

Do you pick out a live tree and bring it home or have a fake tree you always use?  What is your favorite part of decorating?

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  1. Where I live we don't have trees to cut down to use so everything is store bought. But yes it's so tedious to take down and put up and put lights and decorations ! And let's not start on the mess !

    But I think there is still so much joy in just doing.

    I agree with your grandma and throw a blanket over it !
    I always joke about decorating for different seasons... Easter, Carnival, Summer. Lol :)

  2. That could be really fun!! Like with a small tabletop tree :)

  3. Cute picture!

    We have an artificial tree, but we have used real trees in the past. When we lived in Alaska we used to go out and chop down a tree! It was fun, and it made for good memories. Last year we bought a live tree, but it didn't last well, and it was such a mess! We will be sticking with fake trees for a while now I think!

    I enjoy decorating, but it is so exhausting now that my favorite part is when it is done! I love to lie down in the living room and look at the lit Christmas tree. It is so pretty and cozy in the winter.

  4. I imagine hunting down & chopping down a tree in Alaska in really something! It seems like it'd be a different world there!

  5. I love pulling out old ornaments. I have some that my parents hand painted when I was a child. We got ornaments every year too as kids. We have a fake tree, but I would love to have a real one someday. Decorating is always exhausting, but I do love the end result. I just do it a bit at a time. =) Happy Christmas. Valerie

    1. Isn't it to bad the decorations don't stay up longer? They are so happy!

  6. I am definitely a live tree person. We head to the farm cut down our tree and make a day of it. I'm totally with you on reminiscing about old ornaments. It's apart of the holiday fun. Great art work by the way.