Monday, November 28, 2016

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

It's time to put up  your Christmas tree. I've never been one to have a live Christmas tree, that's a lot of work outside, in the cold, and to keep it alive for a month. It's so much easier to pull out of the attic and set it up.   Doesn't the idea always seem so exciting at first but becoming tedious when attempting to put it up and decorate it? Afterwards it's fun to look at but you do have to take it down, or you could be like myGrandma and throw a large sheet over it (she kept her tree in the basement) 

Every year, for Christmas my brother and I got an ornament. Usually something that represented the past year but sometimes it was something random that we had  liked. Going through the old ornaments is probably the most fun part of putting up a Christmas tree for all the memories. 

It's hard to pick what my favorite ornament is, there's something I love about all of them but my Hello Kitty one really makes me happy, I like to use it as a topper. My leopard print glitter shoes and bag are favorites too, 

Do you pick out a live tree and bring it home or have a fake tree you always use?  What is your favorite part of decorating?

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
The thing I'm most looking forward to this year is watching the remake of Anne of Green Gables on PBS tonight. Thanksgiving is the perfect night to air the remake as Anne of Green Gables  is classic and nostalgic. Anne's imagination is infectious and charming. 

We all have some sort of memory of her from growing up whether we read only Anne of Green Gables or watched the first movie to those who have read every book in the series, avidly watched the Avonlea tv show, owned the Anne of Avonlea on VHS, and dreamed of visiting Prince Edward Island.  

And if you can't get enough of "Ann with an E" she's coming to a new series of Netflix next year! 

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Are you excited for Anne of Green Gables?  What are you thankful for this year?

Monday, November 21, 2016


Who's ready for a new Disney Princess?! Moana is a brave, adventurous girl ready to take on the Pacific Ocean in hopes of finding the story of her own ancestry. 

I think Moana looks really cute and as much  I love the traditional Disney Princesss, I also love that Moana is a new form of princess. She appears to be bold, determined, and take charge in what she wants. It's going to make for an action packed Disney movie and a new perspective for all the girls watching it.

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Who's excited to see Moana?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Caramel Apple

After making a fall bucket list ( part one and two) I couldn't help but paint  a caramel apple. Not the same as eating one but fun  in its own way. 

 Caramel apples speak for themselves, don't they?! They are sweet and  sticky and can have so many things added on top of them. Yet, you can convince yourself you're eating something healthy because theirs fruit in there somewhere under all the good stuff!o
    My favorite caramel apples are gourmet apples. You can make them over a full apple but a little easier to eat is to first slice the apple. 

  - Dip  in caramel, let set
  -  Dip them in melted chocolate,  set
  -  Roll in nuts and drizzle with more chocolate or carmel.

  That's a pretty simplified explanation of the recipe. Find a thorough one here. And for more option check out The Kitchen's recipes

  How do you like your Caramel apples?

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You're the apple of my eye!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Carolina Herrera// Splattered

This dress is from Carolina Herrera's fall 2016 line. I love the coral color though it isn't traditionally fall, it is a very warm rich color that really pops like so many fall colors do. I also really like how the skirt has color splattered and spread all over it. Watercolor has a mind of its own and it sort reminds of that. It's a wearable canvas :)
  What fall fashion has caught your eye lately?i

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Bucket List pt 2

On Monday I listed some fun things to do in fall and today I could'nt help but add a few more. 

- Jump in a big pile a leaves 
- Go to a football game 
- toast pumpkin seeds 
- visit a haunted house
 - collect leaves and acorns
- watch a "family tradition" movie 
- dress up for Halloween 
- bake pumpkin bread
- make a fall wreath 

Have you done anything on the list this year? 

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Why not go out on a limb? That's where all the good fruit is! -Mark Twain

Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Bucket List

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Fall seems to be everyone's favorite season, at least that's what most people say, even when Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year!  Why is it? Is it the cooler temperatures, the rich colors changing, everything pumpkin, or going out of your way to step in that crunchy looking leaf! I  don't know,  but here's a list a fun things to add to your fall bucket list to get the most out of the season. 

- bake a pie
-have a smore's campfire
- visit a pumpkin patch
-make leaf art
- pick apples
 - make and eat caramel apples
- go trick-or-treating
- drink hot apple cider
- make fall cookies
- have a photoshoot in a leaf pile
- carve a pumpkin
- navigate a corn maze

My favorite is a smores bon fire but let's be honest, s'mores  are perfect no matter what season it is! What is on your fall bucket list?

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Against All Grain Celebrations

Against All Grain Celebrations
By Danielle Walker

About the book: 
From the two-time New York Times best-selling author of Against All Grainand Meals Made Simple, comes 125 recipes for grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free comfort food dishes for holidays and special occasions. 
When people adopt a new diet for health or personal reasons, they worry most about the parties, holidays, and events with strong food traditions, fearing their fond memories will be lost along with the newly eliminated food groups. After suffering for years with a debilitating autoimmune disease and missing many of these special occasions herself, Danielle Walker has revived the joy that cooking for holidays can bring in Danielle Walker's Against All Grain Celebrations, a collection of recipes and menus for twelve special occasions throughout the year. 
Featuring a variety of birthday cakes, finger foods to serve at a baby or bridal shower, and re-creations of backyard barbecue standards like peach cobbler and corn bread, Danielle includes all of the classics. There’s a full Thanksgiving spread--complete with turkey and stuffing, creamy green bean casserole, and pies--and menus for Christmas dinner; a New Year's Eve cocktail party and Easter brunch are covered, along with suggestions for beverages and cocktails and the all-important desserts. Recipes can be mixed and matched among the various occasions, and many of the dishes are simple enough for everyday cooking. Stunning full-color photographs of every dish make browsing the pages as delightful as cooking the recipes, and beautiful party images provide approachable and creative entertaining ideas. 
Making recipes using unfamiliar ingredients can cause anxiety, and while trying a new menu on a regular weeknight leaves some room for error, the meal simply cannot fail when you have a table full of guests celebrating a special occasion. Danielle has transformed her most cherished family traditions into trustworthy recipes you can feel confident serving, whether you’re hosting a special guest with food allergies, or cooking for a crowd of regular grain-eaters.

My thoughts: 

"Celebrations"is a book full of year-long gluten free, dairy free, and paleo recipes for the all the celebrations we have. . As someone who is gluten free and dairy free I was really excited to get my hands on this book. Everyday eating can be a challenge let alone figuring out what to have for  holidays or parties.

Each chapter is a set of different recipes for the specific celebrations - Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, football games and many more  ranging from breakfast, snacks, dinner, and desserts. 

The pictures were awesome and recipes written out clearly with regular ingredients.  There is an in depth appendix in the back referencing ingredients she frequently uses  as well substitutes for common  gluten filled or dairy containing ingredients. 

You're bound to find more than a few recipes that become new favorites in "Celebrations". Although we can't eat the same thing we can have good food and treats too! 

*i received this  book free for review from Blogging for Books*