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Book Review: Finger Painting Weekend Workshop

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Book Review: Finger Painting Weekend Workshop by Iris Scott

Finger Painting Weekend Workshop: A Beginners Guide to Creating a Brush-Free Works of Art
By Iris Scott
Leave your brushes behind! Iris Scott's revolutionary finger-painting courses are designed for everyone, especially beginners. Watch your paintings flourish with life when you follow Iris's simple techniques that let the paint do the work. Complete with five masterpieces and clear, step-by-step instructions for recreating each one, this book makes you feel like you are sitting right in one of Iris's best-selling finger painting classes. Featuring beautiful artworks like Koi FishWet RoadCloudsRed Floral, and Lady in Leaves, you can create a mistake-free piece in a single day to hang on the wall or give as the ideal handmade gift for a loved one. Perfect for fans of adult coloring books and other forms of art relaxation, finger painting is a classic form of meditative "play" therapy. The concise instructions encourage artists to complete a painting in a single day, making finger painting an ideal project and hobby for novice artists. Take the weekend off and get your hands dirty!

My thoughts:
My first thought when I opened "Finger Painting Weekend Workshop" was that is was so much more beautiful than I expected. The pages are splashed with color like they are in an Iris Scott painting. I couldn't wait to dive to in.

The book contains instructions to create five finger painted paintings. Each project is broken down step by step, she describes how to perform each of them, and adds pictures to reference what things are supposed to look like along with way. 

What I was most surprised about was how in depth her paintings are. I have my own version of finger painting but Iris Scott's technique is much more involved. I was challenged more than I imagined and  learned about layering colors. 

"Finger Painting Weekend Workshop" is not only fun and beautiful it stretches artistic abilities and can open your eyes to a new way of painting.  It's a great book if you want to learn something new!

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My Favorite Classes of 2016... So far!

I love taking online classes  to improve my art skills. There are so many different ones to choose from, these are two of my favorite I've taken this year.

1.  Drawing Fashion Flats by Laura Volpintesta on Craftsy

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// My Favorite Classes of 2016 so far// Drawing Fashion Flats

    Fashion flats are technical drawings of garments for a clothing line. In this class Laura Volpintesta walks us through what it takes to create proportional and accurate drawings both on and off a croqui.

  This class is traditionally for sewers but the ability to draw line sketches of clothing is really helpful in illustration, as well. Laura touches on how to use flats for both patternmaking and illustration in the class.

 I really like the class because of Laura's warm personality and how she breaks concepts down into easily understood ideas while giving plenty of exercises to strengthen the foundation of your drawing skills along the way.

 Drawing Fashion Flats covered the most common and basic forms of clothing leaving me with confidence in my ability to adapt my flats to whatever I wish.

2. Wonderland by  Jane Davenport
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// My Favorite Classes of 2016 so far// Watercolor Wonderland

  Jane's newest workshop is Watercolor Wonderland and is based around the story of Alice and Wonderland whiles using my favorite medium- watercolor! I don't know that I've ever seen Alice in Wonderland so it's interesting to learn a little about the story but what I like most in learning about color theory and mixing colors.

   Jane has the most creative point of view and that combined with her solid teaching is why her classes are so popular.  Watercolor Wonderland isn't a basic painting course. It is a creative journey through Alice's story. If your looking to learn more specific painting skills I'd look into some of her other classes first.

Have you taken any classes this year? What have been your favorites?

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Sketchworthy Reads-The Petite Bijou

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads- The Petite Bijou// orange dress

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads- The Petite Bijou// denim jacket & tulips

 The Petite Bijou  is a  life and style blog that is all about finding the elegance and glamour in the little things in life. I hope to inspire you through style, beauty, and lifestyle.

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