Monday, March 21, 2016

My Capsule Wardrobe

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As I've learned about what a capsule wardrobe is I've found it interesting seeing what works for different people. What's meant to simplify life while getting dressed takes time and a lot of planning ahead. Some forms lend to lots of shopping which again takes a lot of planning. Other forms invest in pieces that will last.  It's all about what works for each person.

On the surface a new closet every 3-4 months sounds like fun but the more I've thought about it, I've seen it as overwhelming.  It seems like a person's hobby would be next seasons collection and while a lot of people might find it really fun, it doesn't seem for me.   So for this experiment, my capsule wardrobe is going to be based more on the idea behind the Susie Faux's original capsule wardrobe which included    

  • a skirt, 
  • trousers, which could be part of a suit,
  • a blouse, 
  • a sweater, 
  • shoes, 
  • tights,
  • a coat or raincoat, 
  • a dress,
  • a bag, 
  • a belt, 
  • jewelery
  • Jacket

To edit I am choosing:   

Blouse- I picked two a simple one and a little fancier one. Express Button Up Essential Shirtand   Express Black Sheer Chiffon

  Skirt- J Crew Factory Pencil Skirt in wool or cotton

 a  Coat or Raincoat-Luella Slim Longsleeved Windbreaker

a dress- Ann Taylor Loft Tulip Quilted Flare Dress

a  bag- Madewell  Classic Tote

Activewear- New York & Company Lounge Slim Joggers

 I learned a few things planning a capsule wardrobe First, it is hard and takes thought.  I asked myself a lot, is this piece classic? Too trendy? Will I like it down the road? Are these colors boring? 

My intention has been to build solid staples that will last many years. I see now that's not accomplished in one shopping trip or even one season. It likely would take years.  

The worries about always have to wear nuetral colors were unfounded, too. Had I chosen a capsule wardrobe that changes every season it may have been an issue but staples pieces need to be neutrals. Neutrals go with everything and are a foundation. Color, pattern, and texture are accents and leave the door open to change in a capsule wardrobe. Accents are the sprinkles on a cupcake. 

A large part of a capsule wardrobe is being true to yourself and your lifestyle. Just  because a piece of clothing is considered classic doesn't mean it's automatically something you have to have. I kept looking at pullover sweaters thinking about how that's on Susie Faux's list and would be common in a lot of people's wardrobes but I never wear a pullover sweater. Why would I start now. There are a few types of cardigans Id wear, that's my type of sweater and what I chose. 
Same with stockings, belts, and evening wear. They are not something I would wear often so they aren't part of my capsule wardrobe. However, activewear is something I wear often. The not to capsule list says no workout clothes but activewear doesn't mean you're wearing it to exercise. 

Bottom line is a capsule wardrobe has its limitations. There isn't one list of items every person should have. We all live in different climates and different tastes in clothing.  It isn't easy to seamlessly create and it isn't for everyone but it's a fun experiment (if only in your mind) to help narrow down your style. 

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  1. I am enjoying reading your capsule wardrobe series. I can't imagine buying a new wardrobe every 3 months for a new season! That would be a lot of work. But I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe that has staples that can be used throughout the year. I think I've actually kind of done that by accident. I have a small dresser and a tiny closet. I have about 18 inches of space to hang clothes! (I have to put my off-season clothes in my daughter's closet.) Add to that the low energy, and it is too hard to get a big wardrobe.

    I'm not trendy, and I like classic styles, so that has made it easy to accidentally create a capsule wardrobe. The one thing I really struggle with is shoes. I wear a size 12, and it can be hard to find shoes in that size.

    Like you, I wear a lot of active wear. I almost always wear knit exercise pants around the house. And I like to wear almost exclusively knit tops, even when I leave the house. It makes it more comfortable if I have to lie down somewhere.

    This is kind of off the subject, but I have thought for a while that it would be great if someone did a fashion blog for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Sometimes it is hard to shop online and see clothes on models who are standing. The clothes fit and look differently when someone is sitting in a wheelchair or curled up in a recliner. I have to be careful when I buy clothes to make sure that they will fit, flatter, and be comfortable when I am out in my wheelchair. I also have to make sure that they will be comfortable and modest if I have to lie down on the floor somewhere when I am out. Oh the fashion difficulties of having a illness/disability!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're liking it!
      It is hard to find clothes that flatter different abilities. It has been challenging to find things to go with my braces etc. I do know I recently saw an article about a designer, I think Tommy Hilfiger, working with a foundation to make clothes more accessible to people with disabilities. I believe they are in the early stages of planning. I'll have to see if I can find the article :)

    2. Aww, it's a children's line but it is a start!

    3. Interesting! Thank you for the information!