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Book Review: The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted

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The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted
By Leslie Frontz

About the book:

A comprehensive and practical guide to watercolor painting from sought-after instructor and acclaimed artist Leslie Frontz that answers the two most common questions students at all levels want to know: What am I doing wrong? and How do I decide what to do instead?
     In the tradition of the eminently practical, top-selling guides such as How to Make a Watercolor Paint ItselfThe Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted, and Problem Solving for Oil Painters, this straightforward handbook offers a fresh approach to watercolor mastery that bridges the gap 

between theory and practice. Through thoughtful discussion, expert instruction, and in-depth step-by-step demonstrations, Leslie Frontz shows readers how to eliminate common barriers to achieve beautiful, captivating watercolor paintings. Beginning with teaching readers how to see 
with an artist's eye, Frontz then establishes how watercolor painters build on this skill by making timely decisions throughout the creation process.

My thoughts:

"The Watercolor Course You've always Wanted" is meant to be a comprehensive watercolor instruction book but I think it's one where you need to already have some experience with watercolor to fully grasp all the information. The first chapter touches on supplies and color mixing very helpful for the beginner and a great refresher for a more experienced painter.  Her descriptions and way of describing her demonstrations we're vague and not very interesting. In the following chapters She  goes over various techniques and walks the reader through a painting using each techniques she introduces. Her  descriptions and way of describing the demonstration pieces were vague and not very interesting. For that reason, I think it helps to have a small handle on watercolor when reading the book.    

The most informative parts for me were those on value and line, I haven't had the easiest time finding cohesive information on them.  I'm really happy to have learned a little bit more about them.   

" The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted" definitely has something to offer an artists of different levels but I don't think it's meant to be the first watercolor book a person picks up.

*I received this book free for review from Blogging For Books*

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