Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review: Chloe by Design book 2: Balancing Act

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Chloe by Design: Balancing Act
By Margaret Gurevich
Illustrated by Brooke Hagel

About the book:

16-year-old Chloe Montgomery beat out the competition to win Teen Design Diva, but she already has another challenge to face tackling her internship. After winning the first season of the fashion reality show, Chloe is ready to start her job with a famous designer, Stefan Meyers, in New York City. But with an old crush and new challenges to contend with, Chloe discovers that fast-paced fashion industry isnt for the faint of heart. Will she be able to make it work, or will the balancing act prove to be too much for this budding designer.

My thoughts:
"Chloe By Design: Balancing Act" is the second book in the "Chloe By Design" series. In "Balancing Act" Chloe Montgomery begins the internship she won on Teen Design Dive.  She is thrust into the fast paced world of a fashion design company and is expected to complete multiple tasks for multiple people, can she balance it all?

I was most excited to read Chloe's story because Brooke Hagel, my favorite artist, illustrated the book. Her illustrations were awesome but Chloe's story was equally as awesome.  Chloe has a great work ethic and was humble never letting the fact that she won a major competition get to her head. She worked as hard as she possibly could, probably because she doubted herself so much but he hard work paid off and she gained a lot confidence in the end.

"Chloe By Design" is a middle grade book and I think it's great for younger girls because the story is lighthearted and fun, the art is amazing, and Chloe builds solid friendships throughout the book, she never resorts to being mean or underhanded which seems to happen a lot in fashion based books. Even though it is middle grade, I really liked it too. 

*I received this book from for review from Capstone Young Reader through NetGalley

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