Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review: Chloe by Design book 2: Balancing Act

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Book Review// Chloe by Design// Brooke Hagel

Chloe by Design: Balancing Act
By Margaret Gurevich
Illustrated by Brooke Hagel

About the book:

16-year-old Chloe Montgomery beat out the competition to win Teen Design Diva, but she already has another challenge to face tackling her internship. After winning the first season of the fashion reality show, Chloe is ready to start her job with a famous designer, Stefan Meyers, in New York City. But with an old crush and new challenges to contend with, Chloe discovers that fast-paced fashion industry isnt for the faint of heart. Will she be able to make it work, or will the balancing act prove to be too much for this budding designer.

My thoughts:
"Chloe By Design: Balancing Act" is the second book in the "Chloe By Design" series. In "Balancing Act" Chloe Montgomery begins the internship she won on Teen Design Dive.  She is thrust into the fast paced world of a fashion design company and is expected to complete multiple tasks for multiple people, can she balance it all?

I was most excited to read Chloe's story because Brooke Hagel, my favorite artist, illustrated the book. Her illustrations were awesome but Chloe's story was equally as awesome.  Chloe has a great work ethic and was humble never letting the fact that she won a major competition get to her head. She worked as hard as she possibly could, probably because she doubted herself so much but he hard work paid off and she gained a lot confidence in the end.

"Chloe By Design" is a middle grade book and I think it's great for younger girls because the story is lighthearted and fun, the art is amazing, and Chloe builds solid friendships throughout the book, she never resorts to being mean or underhanded which seems to happen a lot in fashion based books. Even though it is middle grade, I really liked it too. 

*I received this book from for review from Capstone Young Reader through NetGalley

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Review: The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Book review// The Watercolor Course You've always Wanted

The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted
By Leslie Frontz

About the book:

A comprehensive and practical guide to watercolor painting from sought-after instructor and acclaimed artist Leslie Frontz that answers the two most common questions students at all levels want to know: What am I doing wrong? and How do I decide what to do instead?
     In the tradition of the eminently practical, top-selling guides such as How to Make a Watercolor Paint ItselfThe Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted, and Problem Solving for Oil Painters, this straightforward handbook offers a fresh approach to watercolor mastery that bridges the gap 

between theory and practice. Through thoughtful discussion, expert instruction, and in-depth step-by-step demonstrations, Leslie Frontz shows readers how to eliminate common barriers to achieve beautiful, captivating watercolor paintings. Beginning with teaching readers how to see 
with an artist's eye, Frontz then establishes how watercolor painters build on this skill by making timely decisions throughout the creation process.

My thoughts:

"The Watercolor Course You've always Wanted" is meant to be a comprehensive watercolor instruction book but I think it's one where you need to already have some experience with watercolor to fully grasp all the information. The first chapter touches on supplies and color mixing very helpful for the beginner and a great refresher for a more experienced painter.  Her descriptions and way of describing her demonstrations we're vague and not very interesting. In the following chapters She  goes over various techniques and walks the reader through a painting using each techniques she introduces. Her  descriptions and way of describing the demonstration pieces were vague and not very interesting. For that reason, I think it helps to have a small handle on watercolor when reading the book.    

The most informative parts for me were those on value and line, I haven't had the easiest time finding cohesive information on them.  I'm really happy to have learned a little bit more about them.   

" The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted" definitely has something to offer an artists of different levels but I don't think it's meant to be the first watercolor book a person picks up.

*I received this book free for review from Blogging For Books*

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Sketchworthy Reads: Extra Petite

Extra Petite is a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to styling and dressing the petite figure in a professional manner. When I first found Extra Petite I was so excited to see where and what a fellow petite girl shopped for. Average pants run too long and even with tailoring the can still gap in other places.

 Jean loves to give tips on petite friendly brands, DIY tailoring hacks, great sales, and style advice no matter what your size.

I love the soft, dainty-ness of this peplum sweater she wore on a trip to Maine and that she wore these red bow heels, I painted not too long ago!

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads: Extra Petite// cream peuplum sweater, navy pants, and red heels
Here  she pairs a  plaid J. Crew pencil skirt with an Anne Taylor Loft turtleneck and long cardigan . She explains why she doesn't usually where long cardigans with skirts, how this one is different, and tips on looking for your own.
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Sketchworthy Reads: Extra Petite// gray cardigan and plaid pencil skirt
Here, Jean tries out a staple she been looking for for years, a camel coat pairing it with 5 pocket legging jeans.
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Sketch worthy Reads: Extra Petite// camel coat and olive leggings

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Instagram Roundup

I'm on Instagram @sprinkleonglitter . These are some of my latest posts!

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Christmas tree dress mannequin

Dressing up the Christmas tree!

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// Red Bow Heels

Red bow shoes!

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// fallfashion// sleeveless camel color coat

Gal meets Glam said camel is the color that defined this past fall.

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// fall fashion// black cape

Black cape and skinny jeans.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

5 Things I Learned in 2015

5 things I learned in 2015- graphic

1. Practice with purpose
In "Drawing and Paintng Beautiful Faces", Jane Davenport says some students fill entire sketchbooks of small, practice faces. these students learn the fastest. When I read that I wanted to do it too. I wanted to be good at drawing faces, I wanted to learn fast, and I kind of wanted to beat the other students ;) 

I bought a sketchbook dedicated to practicing faces and what happened surprised me. I really liked drawing them, once I set my desire to draw a perfect face every time, I started noticing small changes and tweaks in each face that could convey emotion or show me something I 

needed to work on in the coming faces. I began to see things I missed when I was trying to 
draw entire faces. 
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// 5 Things I Learned in 2015// Jane Davenport quote

In the "Supplies Me" class Jane says "Practice is the greatest for of recreation, if it's something you love." This quote struck me like lighting. Taking
time to break down and practice specific things I know I want to improve in my art is one of the best things I can do for myself and it will only enhance my love of creating art!

2. Try

Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// 5 Things I Learned in 2015// finger painted flower field

  A lot of times in classes there have been projects i didnt want to do but i payed for the class so I might as well, right? When I dedicated myself to trying new ideas whether them seemed exciting or not I realized the value in trying. Trying teaches and theres always something to learn whether it be a new technique or clarity of what you dont like.  If I hadn't tried, I never would've found my love for finger painting flowers. Trying new things are worth it!         

3. Make mistakes      
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// 5 Things I Learned in 2015// redhead

    Perfectionism tends to pop up in me at times, i don't like it, it shows up univited. Ive always 
wondered what its like to be one of those people who thinks what they do is good simply because they did it.
I want my art to be as I see it in my mind. It  never comes out of my brushes that way. Never! Mistakes stand out more than what I like  and it's  easy to be disappointed.                   
If you aren't making mistakes you aren't learning.  If I saw everything as rosy how would I know what I wanted to zone in on and improve? 
Mistakes don't have to be a disappointment but a direction of how to practice and to....      

4. Keep Going
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// 5 Things I Learned in 2015// Flower Girl

So I make a million mistakes but deciding to keep going has been become invaluable. Why?
 Because I either learn how to correct the mistake, take it in a new direction, or see a spot I want to pay more attention to if I want to paint the same picture again.

My ability to keep going was really put in to play during "write 31 days" when I posted 31 Days of Flowers

5. Have fun
Sprinkle On Glitter Blog// 5 Things I Learned in 2015// red bow shoes

 I love painting and drawing because it's fun to do and I realized having fun making art has no effect on the final product. It's the process that fun, finding inspiration, picking out colors, and using my supplies.

What did you learn this year?