Monday, December 7, 2015

Artsy Gift Guide, pt 2

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Last week I talked about some gift ideas for your artsy friend, there are so many things out there it's hard to narrow them all down. Add in dream supplies and the skies the limit. This week I have a few dreamy, unique, luxurious gifts that are out there.

1. An art retreat
     Online classes are fun but an in person retreat dials it up a hundred times.
Alisa Burke, Jane Davenport, and Jeanne Oliver all host them a few times a year.

2. Wacom Tablet or Isketchnote
artsy gift guide pt 2- Wacom tablet

     Go digital with a Wacom Tablet or Isketchnote

3. Luxury Watercolor
artsy gift guide pt 2- schminke watercolor

   Schminke is known for creating some of the most pigment rich watercolors. Or what earth tones made from crushed rocks?? Greenleaf & Blueberry makes one of a kind individual  half pans.

4. Arches Watercolor Block
Artsy gift guide pt 2- arches watercolor block

   If you're going to use high end watercolor you might as well have paper to match. Arches makes quality watercolor paper in both hot and cold press.

5. A custom illustration
Artsy gift guide pt 2 - custom illustration - Brooke hagel

     You  love drawing but you also have your favorite artists and wouldn't you love a piece of their work created just for you ? Brooke Hagel, Inslee Haynes, Paperfashion,and  Brittany Fuson,  all offer unique custom illustrations.

Have you made a dent in your shopping list yet?

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