Monday, November 9, 2015

My Favorite Fashion Illustrators

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// My Favorite Fashion Illistrators/ collage

As I've learned to sketch I've been inspired by so many artists. These are some of  my favorite illustrators.

Sprinkle On Glitter blog// My Favorite Fashion Illustrators// Brooke Hagel

1. Brooke Hagel of Brooklit and BrooklitBride
I've never met her but you could say Brooke Hagel introduced me to fashion illustration. A few years ago, I was browsing etsy and saw one of her prints. While I clicked through her shop and on to her website I couldn't stop thinking, "I want to do that!"

I started researching fashion illustration and bought a book to give it a try. It wasn't long before I realized drawing figures were a lot harder than it looked and I set it all aside. 

A few years after that I took Alisa Burke's "Doodle Delight" and as I became more 
confident in doodling I got the itch to try fashion illustration again and started re-
following Brooke Hagel. I love how her girls are contemporary yet approachable like a girl everyone wants to be friends with.

Sprinkle On Glitter blog//My Favorite Fashion Illustrators// Inslee Haynes

2. Inslee Haynes 
I found Inslee Haynes soon after Brooke Hagel. Her illustrations are so whimsical and daydream- like. They have a sophistication to them and I can't get enough.

Sprinkler On Glitter Blog// My Favorite Fashion Illustrators// Paperfashion

3. Katie Rodgers of Paperfashion 
Paperfashion is the glamorous blog of Katie Rodgers' illustrations. I love her creativity and long to have an ounce of it and was thrilled when she released her online class
She offers three short classes showing a few of her techniques on Skillshare..

Sprinkle on Glitter blog// My Favorite Fashion Illustrators// HNicholsIllustration

I found Holly Nichols on instagram and think her illustrations are a breath of fresh air. Especially since she loves to illustrate Elie Saab, one of my favorite dress designers.
Sprinkle On Glitter blog// My Favorite Fashion Illustrators// Evelyn Henson

5. Evelyn Henson
Not a fashion illustrator but her art is fun and girly. Her mantra is "A Brightly Decorated Life" and her flower prints to city maps live up to it with the pops of color they add to what's around them.

Do you have a favorite illustrator or artist? What about them inspires you?

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