Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Flowers

Every October, The Nester, hosts a link up called Write 31 Days. The idea is for bloggers to post each day on the same subject all 31 days of October. The subject can be anything, the goal is to post.

Last October I committed to 31 days of dresses. Dresses are a favorite for me to draw and I thought about doing that again this year. There is at least 31 beautiful, sparkling dresses that have come out this year but this year bright flowers have stolen my heart. So that is what I am doing 31 days of flowers in different styles from illustrated to impressionistic and multiple mediums from finger painting to watercolor.

Come along as I post 31 days of flowers, their meanings, their uses, and a story thrown in here and there.

31 days of flowers- finger painting- write 31 days

Day one is a throwback to the first picture I ever fingerpainted. . It's nothing fancy but felt like an
invigorating breath of fresh air. I wasn't sure what I was doing but I thought I'd give it a try because
saw Alisa Burke  had a video of herself finger paintng. Within a few minutes I was grinning knowing
this is something I'd keep doing.

This painting is a field of poppies done in acrylics.

Day 2- Bluebonnets
Day 3- Water Lily
Day 4- Fireworks
Day 5- Watercolor Roses
Day 6- Tulips
Day 7- Poppies
Day 8- Peony Bouquet
Day 9- Flower Market
Day 10- A Walk In the Park
Day 11- Blooms
Day 12- In The Garden
Day 13- Through The Woods
Day 14- If the Shoe Fits
Day 15- Pinkalicious
Day 16- Magenta Garden
Day 17- Windblown
Day 18- Okeefe
Day 19- Roses
Day 20- Gerber Daisies
Day 21- Abstraction
Day 22- Flower Pots
Day 23- Ladybug
Day 24- Peonies
Day 25- Doodles
Day 26- Impression
Day 27- Brights
Day 28-Cala Lillies
Day 29- Tulips
Day 30- Pansies
Day 31- Day 31

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