Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall hats

Fall hats-:watercolor

1. Dress up a floppy straw hat with a ribbon and bow.

2. ModCloth's cloche would look so cute with a loose braid.

3. Wide brimmed floppy hats are perfect for crisp fall day.

4. This relaxed fedora has a fun, carefree bohemian feel to it.

5. A Panama hat is fun to grab for shopping.

6. This hat would be great for a relaxing day outside.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Things- watercolor

Pinterest is filled with pretty little things to sketch, paint, and dream about.

1. I love the black embroidery and detail on this Christian Dior skirt. It's so delicate.

2. This Paolo Sebastian dress reminds me of a ballerina.

3. The rosettes and the placement of the rosettes are my favorite part is this Vera Wang wedding dress but I also love the delicate draping down the back.

4. Vera Wang wedding dresses even are perfect on the hanger!

5. This Kate Spade bag is adorable

6. This Chanel top glistens

Monday, September 14, 2015

Supplies Me

Jane Davenport- Supplies Me

After spending time with,Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces by Jane Davenportwanted to look more into what her classes involved. She has an awesome algorithm  on her website helping decide which class is best.  I chose to start with "Supplies Me."

Supplies Me- Jane Davenport- Blue girl

Supplies Me is a great investment for anyone seriously interested in mixed media and understanding art supplies better. Each week, Jane goes over a different medium explaining their pros and cons, most of them not good or bad just specific to what that medium needs. She explains the qualities and strengths of brands from all prices ranges- the best and worst will surprise you! Then,  she creates "sketchercises" to use the supplies and teach face drawing.

Learning the keywords to look for in order to get what you want is invaluable and it feels so good when walking into a store or clicking around a website. Do you know 
the differences between and benefits of semi-gloss acrylic paint and matte acrylic 
paint? What about the best way to stop luscious, pigmented pastels from smearing? Jane will help you learn and so much more. 

Supplies Me-Jane Davenport- upside down fairy

Jane has a knack for encouraging too. Her philosophy is that all good drawing is, is practice. If you don't like where are, keep practicing and allow yourself mistakes. Make  as many mistakes as you can, it's how you learn. In one of the videos she says "Practice is the greatest for of recreation, if it's spmething you love." A new favorite quote when it comes to art :)

Jane Davenport quote- Supplies Me

The only downside to "Supplies Me" is that it'll make you want everything! Jane Davenport calls it rainbowitis and even if you think you have a case of it now it won't compare to after going through "Suplies Me". Rainbowitis is contagious!  

Monday, September 7, 2015

Drawing & Painting Beautiful Faces

Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces by Jane Davenport

    Drawing faces has always been intimidating. Dont even start on painting and the shading it takes to give a face dimension. I've spent a lot of time searching for answers and trying out what I learned but more often than not I wasn't happy with the finished product.  

    When I saw Jane Davenport had a book coming out about drawing faces I was intrigued. Could she be the one to help me? I wasn't sure but her promo video was darling, I had to give it a try, she says its her super power, after all. I am so glad I did.
Drawing and Painting  Beautiful Faces is a bright and colorful book filled with delicious pictures. Its divided into four chapters. 
Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces- Jane Davenport- blowing hair

  The first an overview of supplies she uses. I liked this because I had an understanding of what and why she was using things. 

  The second chapter, drawing tiny faces, I didnt understand at first but then Jane explained. Drawing small is the simplest way to learn. Drawing small relieves the need 
for lots of details and stressing over perfection. She calls it a "draw happy" face.

The third chapter breaks down each facial feature in detail.

   Chapter four is adding color and making faces come alive. There's fifteen projects,  all done with a different technique. I love the variety, if one technique doesnt suit you, try another one. Its just practice, you can do it!
Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces- Jane Davenport- watercolor friends 1

   Drawing & Painting Beautiful Faces is a great referance book and fun to look at. It can teach beginners how to create faces and artists who already know the basics can learn some new techniques.

    All the faces are whimsical and stylized. Jane refers to it as "Jane-style" so your projects will have a distinct look in eyes and lips but she helps us to become comfortable making a face. Once comfortable, its time to step out, expirement, and make the faces we like. 

  There were a few times I wished things were explained a little more indepth but Jane also offers a class expounding on the book. I bet the missing answers can be found there!
Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces- Jane Davenport- redhead