Monday, August 17, 2015

My Favorite Online Art Classes

Online art classes have been a catalyst to growing my skills and creativity. After taking one, I was hooked and excited to look into classes  that artists and bloggers offered when I saw a "classes" button on their sidebars.
With a little bit of searching classes in any medium,  style, technique, and price point can be found. These are some websites of my favorote teachers and classes.
Favorite Online classes-Alisa Burke

 The first class I ever took was Alisa's Doodle Delight.  It was so exciting. I picked doodling because it seemed simple but as Alisa taught I learned a good doodle is a lot more time               consuming and involved than I  thought. After, Doodle Delight, I had to see what Sketchbook Delight was all about and then ofcourse Sketchbook Delight 2.       

Not only is Alisa super creative but I love her point of view. I think it whats really got me more interested in sketching. She always says  art doesn't have to be formal, stuffy, or perfect. It has to be an expression of what you love. If you draw what you love, than you not only will enjoy yourself your skills will grow.  Its very freeing.

Jane Davenport

Favorite Online Classes -Jane Davenport

  Jane Davenport is my newest
 art class obsession! She lighthearted, funny, and gives a lot of solid teaching. 

 Her super power is teaching people to draw faces and most of her classes are based

 on just that but she weaves in knowledge of (well actually has a whole class on art 

supplies) , mixed media techniques, and heaps of encouragement to embrace you skills and love your art.

For anyone serious about creating, Supplies Me, is a great investment. Each week, Jane goes over a specific medium, comparing  brands, showing the supplies strengths and weaknesses, and teaching how to use them most effectively all while teaching how to draw faces.

 Skillshare is a website where professionals can sign up to create classes in their area of expertise. The subjects run the gammut from art to cooking to business.

The classes are quick, concise, and usually teach one technique.

My favorite classes on Skillshare are by two fashion illustrators.  

Favorite Online Classes- Paper fashion Skillshare

Katie Rodgers runs Paperfashion a super pretty blog and teaches a couple of classes 

on skillshare. Basic Watercolors touches on watercolor basics and she teaches them

through painting shoes!
Illustrate Your Favorite Runway Looks touches on her technique to turn a runway dress into a fabulous illistration.

Telling a Story Through Fashion Illustration is about telling a story in a painting and is a little more advanced.

Style blogger & fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw teaches fashion illistration basics in her class. It is a crash course in drawing, dressing, and painting a stylized figure.

  Craftsy is similar to skillshare in that they offer classes in a wide range of topics. However, craftsy classes are longer and more indepth. The teachers usuaully have a fine art background and teach traditional techniques.

Jeanne Oliver

Favorite Online Classes-Jeanbe Oliver

 Jeanne Oliver runs an online creative network offering classes by her and guest teachers on topics she is passionate about.

 I've posted about my love of all three Studying Under the Masters, a class where 
each week a current artist chooses a master artist to studying under and see  what we can learn from them and apply to our styles. Studying under the masters isn't for beginners, it wont teach you to draw, Ive felt intimidated by a lot of the techniques and projects.Learning about artists I had only heard of made art history come alive. Paintings and artists that seemed weird before have a story behind them and I have begun to see some beauty in that weirdness.

The other class I took from Jeanne Oliver was Sketchworks taught by Angie Redhead.
  Angie teaches
 skills of master draftman to build confidence in drawing perspective and portraits. This class takes a lot of practice, patience, and pencil work. Im thankful Jeanne offers lifetime access because I don't feel like Ive fully utilized everything in Sketchworks, its a class that grows as my skills grow.

Jeanne Oliver has launched a fall/winter catalog on her blog and is hosting a HUGE giveaway!  Check it out HERE

Have you taken an online art class? What was your favorite? What are things you loved about it?   Anything you didn't like? 

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