Monday, August 24, 2015

More Online Classes

More Online Classes

Even with all the online classes Ive taken there's boatloads more classes out there.
These are some from artists whose blog I've frequented, haven't taken, but look awesome.

Junelle Jacobsen

more online classes- Junelle Jacobsen 

   Junelle Jacobsen is a mixed media artist and photographer teaching classes on art journaling. She is warm, bubbly, and genuine. What stands out about her art is that it always has this glossy, shimmery look, I don't know how she does it! But it's so pretty.
    Most of her classes are based around the seasons and about embracing the beauty around you.
     See Junelle's classes HERE

      Christy Tomlinson is also a mixed media, scrapbooking,  art journaler and up until last year offered her classes in conjunction with Junelle Jacobsen.   Christy offers many different kind of workshops all driven by her current creative passions.  Her newest interest is creative planning as she just launched a class on making your own planner.   Her most popular classes, I think, are a collection called SheArt where she teaches how to paint and collage to explore your inner artist.

See Christy's classes HERE

    Liz Steel is an architect and who sketches what she sees in her travels.  Her
classes are based in foundational concepts of architecture and all about getting

outside, traveling, and drawing what you encounter.

 See Liz's class HERE

     Julie at Balzer Designs is a mixed media painter, collage maker, and avid memory keeper. Her blog is full of resources, tutorials, and art challenges. She also has a podcast and online tv show.

See Julie's classes HERE

    I discovered Ivy during the first Studying Under the Masters class, she was also a student but became a teacher in the third Studying Under the Masters. Ivy creates fantastical, dreamy, and feminine paintings. She just started out on her journey teaching online classes with a class called Paint & Pixels on how to paint on your iPad.
See Ivy's classes HERE

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