Monday, August 10, 2015

Jean-Michael Basquit

Studying  Under the Masters-Jean-Michael Basquiat- Alisa Burke

Our very last Studying Under the Masters week is about Jean-Michael Basquit and taught by my very first online art teacher, Alisa Burke.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a Haitian-American artist who began his career with graffiti around New York City and then moved on to painting on canvas. He was self taught and heavily into neo-expressionism, which is sort of messy and raw.

As his graffiti grew he began paintng on cardboard and selling his paintings on the street. Andy Warhol and an art dealer came across him and this was his big break.

He became fast friends with Warhol enabling him to rise to fame in the art world quickly. He became very involved the 80s art/music scene until the time of his death,
Studying Under the Masters-Jean Michael Basquiat quote

- inspired by street designs and symbols
- his paintings included concepts of class struggle, poverty, and race
- he used vibrant contrasting colors

What I learned:
  A lot of Basquait's painting look scattered and weird to me but he really had a knack for letting go and expressing his feelings in the scattered mess. Letting go and just painting without thoughts of what will the end product look like is something I can always work on. 
For my inspired by Basquait I tried to layer his bold colors and doodles randomly like he did.

Studying Under the Masters-Jean Michael Basquiat -inspiration

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