Monday, July 20, 2015

Marie Laurencin

Studying Under the Masters- Marie Laurencin-Ivy Newport

Ivette Newport took the reigns week three and learned about Marie Laurencin.

Marie Laurencin was considered on avante garde French artist. When she was 18 she was sent away by her mother to study porcelain painting. A few years later she returned to Paris to attend Academie Humbert and focus on oil painting.

In Paris she became close friends with Picasso and was welcomed into his inner circle where she met Guillaume Appollinaire, who is credited for creating the cubism movement.     

Although she explored the cubist movement of her friends she was never fully followed that style. Her paintings were mostly stylized, feminine woman painted in pastel colors.

During the first world War, Marie Was exiled to Spain with bet the husband. She was unhappy there and her painting shows much sharper gloomier shapes. After a year they divorced and she returned to a Paris to where she made a living as an artist making custom portraits (including Coco Chanel) and illustrations for books and magazines.

Studying Under the Masters- Marie Laurencin-quote

- her paintings were very feminine
  - simple faces- her focus is more on expression of mood.
- she used lots of soft, pastel colors
- her portraits had very large, dark eyes and almost doll like, whimsical faces
- she blocked in areas with flat color

What I learned
- like with Horace Pippin and Joan Miro, Marie was seen as primitive and

simple. Yet attempting to replicate her techniques are anything but simple

- it takes a lot of practice and knowledge to make something look easy.

- even when pushed by others she really stuck to the style that was in  herself.  

- She carried that style through every medium she used whether it be charcoal, watercolor, oils, and more.

Marie worked with many mediums and for inspired by Laurencin I decided to keep it simplified and stick with interpreting her line and ink drawings adding volume with 
cross hatching and various mark makings while added the big, dark eyes she is known for.

Studying Under the Masters-Marie Laurencin-inspiration

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