Monday, July 27, 2015

John Singer Sargent

Studying Under the Masters- John Singer Sargent Kelly Berkey

Week four is John Singer Seargant taught by .Kelly Berkey
John Singer Seargant was the premier portrait artist of his time. His talent was apparent early on.  His mother noticed he was not learning well in school and deduced he'd be better served homeschooled and traveling Europe. His mother gave him a sketchbook and encouraged him to draw their outings.  At 13, his parents noticed the detail and great care he put into correcting and perfecting his sketches that they decided to seek out proper art training for him.

What was most unique about John Singer Sargent is that he lived in the time when impressionism (M onet, Renior, Cezanne) and fauvism (Braque, Matisse,Picasso) was most popular. His classical style was vastly different yet he was still wildly popular.

Studying Under the Masters-John Singer Sargent-quote
- stuck with a classical style
- was most known for his portraits
- mainly worked "Alla Prima" meaning all at once and with the layers of paint wet and wet.

What I learned
- Some people are born with an innate talent but that doesn't mean they don't have to work at it. Sargent was known for his critical eye and ability to correct his work.
- His classical style is very delicate and takes a lot of work.

I really liked Sargents work ethic and desire to practice and keep learning. As he said you can't do enough sketches. Sketching is the base of a good drawing painting, isnpired by him I chose to sketch in a loose gestural way as he often did of dancers.

Studying Under the Masters-John Singer Sargent- Inspiration

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