Monday, July 13, 2015

Joan Miro

Studying Under the Masters-Joan Miro-Jenny Doh

Week two we learned about Joan Miro from Jenny Doh.

Joan Miro is a Spanish artist known for creating a style  of drawing called automatic drawing. Automatic drawing is a style that instead of using rules and methods taught conventionally you drew lines intuitively.

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- developed automatic drawing 
- believed in drawing intuitively.

What I learned
- just like with Horace Pippin simple doesn't equal easy. Not having an idea of what I am making and allowing my hand to go wherever it wants, and then accept it, is a great challenge  in letting go.

- It can be fun to draw intuitively, see what's there, and then brainstorm what can be made out of 

I don't really get Joan Miro or his art but it's interesting to try something new and examine why he was interested in it.  I haven't been sure how to describe my inspired by Miro, I guess , it was intuitive and  what came out of my brushes is what came out.

Studying Under the Masters-Joan Miro-inspiration

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