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Horace Pippin

Studying Under the Masters-Horrace Pippin-Jeanne Oliver

Studying Under The Masters 3 is here and we start with Jeanne Oliver learning about Horace Pippin.

Horrace Pippin is a self-taught artist who began creating after he won a newspaper contest prize of crayons and watercolor. He didn't have a lot but he made use of whatever he could get his hands on to create with.

In his late teens he joined the army and served in World War 1. During the war, he was injured and lost the use of his drawing arm. He returned home, married, and had a family but the desire to make art was always with him. He tried different ways of expressing himself but they never took off for him.

At the age of forty, a hot burning poker caught his eye and he wondered if this could enable him to express the pictures and feelings in his mind.  He began to draw images on wood panel by burning them with the hot poker.

After many wood burnt paintings, Pippin decided to try oils by using his good arm to lift and guide his injured drawing arm. It took him three years to finish his first oil painting.

Studying Under the Masters-Horrace Pippin-quote


- Pippin was known as a folk artist because of his use of bright colors, flat shapes, and simple lines.

- He didn't use shading or perspective.

- His art was considering primitive.

What I learned: 
- Horrace Pippin didn't give up. Art was in him and he was always on the lookout of how to use it no matter his circumstances.

- Primitive doesn't mean easy or simple.  It's a lot easier, for me,to have lines sketched out first.

For my inspired by Pippin, I chose to keep it simple,  and use crayons like he began with,to do a portrait of a painter.

Studying Under the Masters -Horace Pippin -inspiration

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