Friday, January 16, 2015

Pablo Picasso

Week two of Studying of the Masters: Portraits  and Self- portraits is taught by Teressa Mcfayden and we're a studying Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso's father was an art teacher so Picasso started drawing at two or three years old and spent most of formative years in the classroom with his father. At thirteen years old Picasso out did his father
and his father handed over all of his paintbrushes, vowing to never paint again!

He went to art school in Barcelona, Spain and then moved to Paris with his friend because that is where is all the successful artist were at the time. He spent his time painting with Matisse , Cezanne, Gertrude Stein, Paul  Gauguinn and many other famous artists.

Picasso was known for inventing the collage. He also also dabbled in ballet costumes and sets,  poetry, & play writing.


His techniques really depend on the period you are looking at in art. So many were trademarked by him like the blue period, rose period, and African period. He is especially known for cubism. But this class we are looking at his portraits.

-  In portraits he was drawn to geometric shapes & thick black line.

- He goal was to draw with childlike abandonment.

What I learned:
-   Art doesn't have to line up perfectly for it be done well.  Being able to let your gaurd down and just paint like a child is on the best things you can do!

- take time to identify periods I go through it art. It'll help me see my growth and be a bit of a journal along the way.

For this portrait I divided it up in sections like he did, added think black line, and filled it with bright colors and patterns.

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