Friday, January 30, 2015

Brett Whiteley

Week four is taught by Robin Jane Fingher who studied Brett Whiteley.

Brett Whitelely was an Australian Avant-grade artist. He started drawing as a child and started painting when he was a teenager. He met the owner of a gallery who asked to include one of his paintings in a show. During that show his painting was bought by an art gallery in London.

He moved to London and worked for a number of years before winning the Harkness Fellowship to study in New York City. After a year in New York he decided it wasn't for him and fled to Fiji, eventually moving back to Australia

-   He dabbled in almost everything but it was almost always swirly and distorted. He believed in adding parts of his everyday life into his painting to give a sense of who he was.

What I learned:
-  I didn't connect much with Brett Whiteley. His art and his life style were just wild and so different but he was very profilic and highly regarded in the art world during his time.

 The easiest thing to grasp about Brett Whitely is that he saw things very distorted and differently than others around him. I swirled part of this girls face kind of he did in a lot of his portraits kind of like she is confused about something or fading off into her own world.

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