Friday, December 19, 2014

Henry Clive

Week seven was Henry Clive, taught by Christy Tomlinson.

Henry Clive was born in Australia and came to the USA as a magician. began as a magician. While in the US he traveled as an magician and sketched in his free time. One of his shows was seen by Charlie Chaplin who then invited Clive to work with him in silent films.

As some time went on Henry realized he wasn't into the acting but loved the art directing and costume parts of the film. He'd frequently to sketch on set and someone got a hold of one of them an took it to an advertising company. The company offer him a job drawing for products sucks as the Campbell's soup label. Through his labels he was noticed the director of a Broadway Show called, Ziegfield Follies. Ziegfield Follies was a popular show with showgirls that asked him to sketch the girls in the show. Film studios noticed his Ziegfeld Follies girls and asked him to make movie posters. It was long before every actress wanted Henry Clive to paint them. His work and his fame continued to grow as he made illustrations for magazines, movie sets, billboards, and everything in between.

  Henry's style was constantly change except for the constant of a girl on his paitning. He was never afraid to try something he different, he probably liked the challenge.

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