Friday, November 21, 2014

Paul Cezanne

Week three is Paul Cezanne, a still life painter, studied by Teresa Sheeley.

Cezanne grew up in a small town in France, loving art, and longing to be artist but was never allowed to go to art school because his parents saw being an artist was seen as frivolous. When he did finally get the chance to go to school he moved to Paris and quickly saw that he didn't fit in. He didn't want to be like other artists or to conform to what the teachers wanted. Not creating like the others caused a lot of rejection and then  self doubt began to consume him. One moment it became so bad he tore up all his paintings moved back to France.

Back home he painted in his own studio. He met a plein air (painting outside) artist and started to paint alongside his friend and discovered a whole new style of painting. Wanting to do it well he began to paint the same landscape over and over again at different times of the day to capture different lighting and different colors.

Cezanne was known for being a relcuse. When he did decide to step he would make short trips to Paris in order to trade his paitning for art supplies. It was here that an art dealer saw him and asked to buy 150 of paintings to put in an art show. That show is where he began to be admired and even copied by other artists.
For my Cezanne-like painting, I chose to do a still life of peonies.

I love that Cezanne has such a passion for art that he continued doing it whether he was celebrated or not. Creating art was part of who he was. Something to think about the next time I paint something I'm unhappy with or if anyone makes a snarky remark.Am I paitning because I love it or for others

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  1. I just taught my students about Paul Cezanne! How fun :)