Friday, November 14, 2014

Antonio Gaudi

The second week is taught by Junelle Jacobsen on Antonio Gaudi, who is actaully an architect but the ways  he put  his work together are truly pieces of art.

Junelle says she chose Gaudi because she has been enamered by him since she, her mother, and her sister went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain a few years ago and she was not prepared to expeience full on Gaudi.

As an architect he didn't just take a canvas and paint on it,  he used  his love of color to make buidlings,churches, and basilicas. She said that she wasnt prepared, feeling almost assulted by the wild things he created throughout the city. After going home She couldn't stop thinking about him and knew she had to learn more about this Antonio Gaudi.
Today we might call Gaudi a mixed media artist, he took anything he could get his hands from scrap metal of a work site a to children's toys to sewing needles.

   There isn't a lot documented about Gaudi and his personal life or his work. We know that he suffered a lot of loss at a young age, his mother and siblings died before he was thirty. He had a few solid friendships that came along and collaborated with him through his career but by and large he spent most of is time working.

 He felt that his schooling of looking to simples shapes was limiting so he went out into nature. He said that, "to be original one must go back to the origin."

For him that was nature. Being able to look at the different colors, how the grass grows, and the way
light reflects off of things and  taking it all back into his work.

For my painting, I took one of the stained glass windows in the Sagrada Familia, painted it, and added glitter.

  Gaudi had such a passion for life he was always willing to trying new things in his work. That is what I takeaway most from him. Each project he started completely fresh even when it was intimidating and completely untried before. Junelle sees it as an invitation to try/be/and do every kind of art she wants and so do I.  Why not open my eyes and try something new?


  1. He certainly does take architecture to the next level! So creative, I wish I could think that way sometimes ;)

    1. He does, I can't imagine how he must've of thought and saw things! I'd love to go to Barcelona one day!

  2. Nice work. I really need to get into art. It seems to be a very creative way to relax and take in the beauty you've made. #FHFridays

    1. It is! Have you ever heard of Art journaling? That'd a he a great place to start bc it's not overly technique but it's so open to your own perspective and whatever you feel