Thursday, September 20, 2018

Five Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall

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Autumn comes with pumpkin spice, crisp air, and warm colors. Figuring out what to wear can be challenging when one minute it’s 75 degrees and the next it’s 45 degrees! But you don’t have to pack away your summer outfits in exchange for chunky knits  just yet.  With a few simple tricks you can move your summer favorites into the fall.  

1.  Layering 
Layering is essential when temperatures are always fluctuating.  Throw a jean jacket over your favorite t-shirt or a cardigan over your favorite blouse. 

2. Leggings or Tights
Have a sundress you love wearing? Add some tights or light leggings. 

3. Fall colors
Channel the changing leaves.  Add pops of orange, red, and rust. 

4. Vests
Vests are perfect for cool but not cold days and they come in all different colors, patterns, and fabrics. 

5. Ankle boots 
Pack away sandals for ankle boots to keep your toes warm. 

How do you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall? 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Artists Who Inspire - Cestriley

I’m doing artists who inspire a little differently today, I’m drawing the artist who inspires (a little nerve racking!).  When I found cestriley’s Instagram last year, I was blown away, her illustrations were like we stepped into a snow globe she often sketches  in the winter.   Her sketches are tiny, cute, and dream-like . Even better yet -  she draws westies!!!! 
Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// cestriley

Riley Sheeley is the creator behind cestriley.  She started her business Make Things Co when a friend asked her create a custom watercolor wedding invitation. Things have growing own from there.  She specializes in custom watercolor portraits and paintings, wedding stationery design, and fashion illustration.  

I’ve had a lot of fun and inspiration seeing what she posts online as she pulls from her imagination and daily life.  

A few weeks ago, she got married and as I clicked through the beautiful pictures I was amazed that she created her very own patterned to be made into dresses for her bridesmaids as a gift.  I also knew I had to paint a picture of her in her wedding dress. I loved the elegant simplicity of it.  Her wedding matched the snow-globe world like quality of her illustrations. 

Follow Riley @cestriley and visit her etsy shop.
Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// artists who inspire- cestriley

Monday, September 10, 2018

Sketchworthy Reads- Jenna Kutcher

I first found Jenna Kutcher on Instagram through Marian Jordan Ellis  and Jordan Lee Dooley . I like them and they like her so I thought I should check her out! 

Jenna started out as a wedding photographer and has turned into a teacher and online marketing expert. On a whim she bought a camera off of craigslist and  over time her  new hobby became a business that has steadily grown. 

Of all the things Jenna offers online I think he encouragement is what makes her most successful.  She’s relatable, open, and honest. She has such self confidence in who she is and who God created her to be she can’t help but encourage towards the same.   I love to see her smile it’s a beam of light filled with genuine happiness. 

You can find Jenna on her website, Instagram, or through her podcast
Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Skerchworthy Reads// Jenna Kutcher

Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

5 Tips To Improve Drawing In Procreate

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As excited as I was to start learning Procreate actually using it felt overwhelming. There were so many options and whenever I tried to draw anything I felt like I had no control and it all looked bad. It was like learning to draw all over again.  I  learned the ins and outs of the app but creating something on it was a separate thing.  

Here’s a few things I that helped make getting used to use Procreate a little easier: 

1. Limiting brushes
Procreate comes loaded with 130 brushes plus the ability to make your own brushes.  It’s sounds so cool, until it isn’t   because of too many choices! 

I remember I didn’t learn to draw with tons of pens and pencils. I learned by using one or two.   So why didn’t I try that on procreate.  I chose the technical pencil for sketching and the fine tip pen for outlining. 

Once feeling more comfortable I tried other brushes here and there but it’s really helpful to get to know a few brushes at a time. And really, we usually stick to our favorite pens and pencils, anyway! 

2.  Draw simple shapes and repeat 
  This is how I learned to draw from Alisa Burke and is applicable to any new medium.  Draw a simple shape- circle, square, triangle, whatever you like.  Then repeat it again and again. Fill your page up and you have a pattern! 

3. Use simple subjects 
Once comfortable with simple shapes find an object you love. It can be anything. This time, on  procreate, I chose cupcakes.  Practice them multiple times. Add s new detail or new brush each time.

4. Streamlining brushes 
  One thing that was the most frustrating and still is, is that with  some brushes my lines would come out squiggly or jagged.  I had no idea why?  My hand isn’t perfectly steady but with pen and paper it’s not that noticeable. I tried changing line sizes but some pens stayed squiggly.  Thankfully, I took a Skillshare class where the teacher gave me a tip.  She said to into to brush setting and turn up the streamline feature. It makes the brush more receptive and was very helpful. 

5.  Just go for it
   Practice all you can and enjoy it! Digital drawing is something new but it can be a lot of fun when you just relax and know that with time and practice things will improve! 

What are your secrets for learning Procreate or digital mediums! 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Artists Who Inspire- Paint & Petals

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Artists Who Inspire- Paint & Petals

The first time I saw Paint & Petals was on Anthrologie’s Instagram. They were announcing a new like of housewares that she designed. I was in love, all of it explodes with color. I had to find out who created them. 

The designer is Bridgette Thornton, a painter of fine  art prints, stationary, phone cases and houseware. 

Bridgette first began creating as a child when she wanted something her mother would tell her she thought Bridgette could make it herself. Thus, starting a journey of innovative creativity. 

Follow Bridgette @paintandpetals

Monday, August 13, 2018

My Favorite Procreate Resources

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Starting out with Procreate there were times  I wondered if I would ever understand how to use it. Artists love it touting its  over 130 brushes, layers, masks & more.  All the options made it more overwhelming.  

 It took some searching but I found a handful of resources that helped me understand better how to use the app. A lot of them aren’t for illustration but they showed me the possibilities of Procreate and got me thinking about  how I could add some of their techniques into my art!

Procreate E-book
   This is a free download in the iBooks store walking you through Procreate. 

   Skillshare is a subscription  based online learning service with classes on various subjects. They have a number of Procreate classes as well as classes for other digital programs. These classes really helped me grasp the basics and helped me see features I would’ve never thought to research. 

    Every-Tuesday is a website and YouTube channel that post graphic design tutorials every Tuesday! She has a lot of techniques to fancy up your work in procreate. Her videos are short, understandable, and educational. 

   Holly Pixels is a lettering and planning website, shop, & YouTube channels.  Her videos walk you through how to customize your procreate experience by creating your own brushes and color palettes as well as adding special effects to lettering. 

Has anything been especially   helpful in helping  you grasp procreate or digital drawing?