Thursday, January 17, 2019

How To Start Using A Planner

A planner is just as it sounds. It helps you plan your life . Planners are a low tech way to keep you organized by creating to-do lists, writing down notes, and act as an easy way to visualize your schedule. 

Planners don’t have to stifle your creativity, though. There is a whole artful planning movement out there. 

Artful  planning is about keeping things organized while adding in mixed media arts.  

To start grab a monthly calendar and mark on all the important dates. You’re planning now!
  Alisa Burke has advice on how to make you’re own out of a simple notebook! 

Take it to the next level, get a yearly planner that is split up by weeks.  Start filling in important dates and that’s all  you need to do.  

Make it creative:
- Collect your paints, pens, stickers, and ephemera
- Start adding doodles or illustrations  like in your sketchbook and art journals .  Use stickers that correlate with what you have planned or that go along with the current season. 
- Strive to take your planner with you and add notes as you go along.  It’s that simple.  

Do you keep a planner? Does it make you feel more creative and more organized? 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Ephemera Journal

Ephemera, pronounced e-fem-er-a, is defined as a collectible with a short term purpose.  Think ticket stubs, postcards, stickers, and more. It’s not usually thought of as something you save. 

An ephemera journal, is filling your journal with paper things from your life.  Kind of like a junk journal but often times drawn on and painted over like an art journal.  

Like sketchbooks and art journals, there are no rules.  It’s all about what it inspires you and what you collect day to day.  Your ephemera journal is a place to keep what you find and expound on things you’ve placed in it. 

Ephemera journals are probably the easiest ones to make from scratch.  You can start by grabbing any loose papers you have and bind them together, whether sewn or with three ring binding. 

To start an ephemera journal:
- Grab a journal, any type. Or make your own. 
- Start collecting paper items
   Scrapbook papers 
   Tissue paper
    Old book pages 
    Magazine pages
    Sheet music 
Finding ephemera like is a scavenger hunt!
-  Start testing out where you want to place  your ephemera on pages 
- Glue  or matte medium them in

When dry you can leave it as is or start painting over it to add depth to the ephemera. 

Kerry May Makes  has a roundup of of where to find online sources of ephemera on her blog.

Have you ever tried an ephemera journal?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

How To Start An Art Journal

An art journal can be more personal than a sketchbook. Your art journal is a place for creative expression.  It can be frivolous or serious and introspective.  It pulls together words,  mixed media, and imagery to create a page. 

To start art journaling
- Grab  a journal
Any type of journal will do but know if you think you’ll regularly be painting, the paper inside needs to be heavy enough to hold it.  There are mixed media paper sketchbooks that stand up to multiple layers of paint. 

- Paints
Acrylic, Watercolor, whatever your interested in. 

- Markers, Colored Pencils, Crayons 

- Waterproof Pen

- Look for “art journal prompts” online to jumpstart your journal. 

Extra supplies: 
- Matte medium
Matte medium acts as a glue if you want to add pictures, stickers, or  any outside paper to your art journal. 

- gesso 
Gesso is a surface prep. It creates a rougher, grainier surface to help grab paint.  Gesso is not absolutely necessary.  It can help make thinner papers stand up to paint. 

You don’t need everyone of these supplies. They’re fun to have and test out but you can narrow them down if you want as well.  You can make awesome art with only watercolor and pen or an acrylic paint and colored pencil.  It’s all about what makes you happy and what works for you!

Tangie Baxter has lots of advice on creating an art journal you love.

Have you tried art journaling? 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Keeping A Sketchbook

A sketchbook isn’t always thought of as a journal but it can be. A sketchbook is a blank book to record your ideas through sketching. You don’t have to be an artist to keep a sketchbook, you just need a book and to start sketching or doodling  whatever you feel. There are no rules! 

A sketchbook is my main use of journaling.    I use my sketchbook to practice, mostly figures and faces, but every once in a while I throw in something different. I really should try new types of sketches  more often. 

Many people use their sketchbook to work out ideas. Keeping a sketchbook helps you grow your ideas.  Some take a sketchbook with them and record what they see around them.  In a sketchbook, anything goes. It’s about you and what you want to do. It improves your drawing ability and observational skills. 

Be free, don’t edit yourself. You don’t have to show it to anyone. 

Some tips on starting a sketchbook:

- Grab a blank book
- Get some  drawing/writing tools (pens, pencils, markers) 
- Find a few free minutes (10 minutes a day is a great place to start)
- Pick an idea or inspiration image
- Find  the simple shapes and start sketching 
- Add color with markers, pencils, or paint if you want. 
- Keep filling up your pages 

Alisa Burke had a lot of great tips on starting a sketching routine.

Do you keep a sketchbook as a journal? 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

On Starting A Journal

A lot of people set out to keep a journal and find it isn’t easy or thinking  isn’t for them. The idea of opening a notebook and filling a blank page with words or art can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. 

A journal is just a log, a log of anything, expressed however you want.  There’s no right or wrong way and no rules. It’s about finding the one that’s right for you. 

Journaling goes hand in hand with the love of creating art because filling a book with sketches or paint IS a form of journaling.  There’s so many creative things you can make besides writing about your day that can be really fun. It’s an activity that can help relax and explore.  

Sone types of journals are: 
Art journals
Bullet journals
Ephemera journals 

The list goes on. Over the next few weeks I’m going to dive into what different types of creative journals there are and how you can start one. 
They can be a mix and match of store bought, handmade,  even altered. 

A few things to remember in starting a journal: 

- Choose something that inspires your imagination
- Don’t make rules 
- It’s about enjoyment and experimentation 
- You don’t have to show anyone 
- It doesn’t have to be perfect, 
- In journaling the most important thing is doing it. 

Do you keep any type of a journal?