Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pantone London Fall pt 2

Monday, I started showing how to mix Pantone London's fall colors. Today, I'll finish them up. 

  Otter is a medium brown you could use you raw umber mixed with a small amount of water to lighten it. 

Navy Peony 
  A color also seen in New Yorks fall colors.  Navy Peony is a deep warm blue. 

Copper Tan
  I would've  expected copper tan to be more like Otter but it is a little light.  
Take your burnt sienna and add a little bit of brown and a warm yellow. 

Lemon curry
  To make lemon curry take your light yellow and slowly add In little orange. 

Golden olive 
  A strong, dark green.  Mix a dark green and then add some extra yellow to it. 

What colors stand out to you this season? 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pantone London Fall Pt 1

For the first time, pantone has released two color reports for fall. One based on New York's fashion week and one on London's.  

Last week, I posted about how to mix New York colors and this week we'll mix London's colors. 

Pantone describe the London choices as:

 “Led by a vivid Flame Scarlet, the color palette for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 is comprised of strong classics colors complemented by a few unpredictable shades for the autumn and winter seasons,” noted Eiseman. “Unexpected combinations such as Royal Lilac and Otter Brown or Lemon Curry with Bluebell are eye-arresting and create an unusual color dichotomy.”

Flame Scarlet
  Like Grenadine

Primrose Pink
  A soft & delicate pink there is two ways to mix primeose pink. Take a red and water it down or mix white and red for a pastel pink. 

  Take brown umbre and add a small amount of yellow ochre to lighten it some. 

  An aqua-like medium blue. 

Royal Lilac
  I always thought purple was a very regal color so it's cool to see it named royal but royal lilac isn't your typical lilac color. It is a medium purple. 

  Purple is made by mixing equal parts red & blue.

Thursday, the next five. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pantone New York Fall Pt. 2

Monday, I talked about the first five colors in Pantone's fall color report. Today it's the last five. 

Neutral Gray
  Another neutral echoing navy peony.  To mix gray take your black and gradually add white till you get the desired shade. 

Shaded Spruce 
  A deep, foresty green.  Look for your darkest, warmest green. 

Golden Lime 
  A classic yellow-green shade.  
To mix golden lime start with a warm yellow and slowly add bits of a warm blue. 

  This is the only cool color in the fall report. It's a cool, medium blue. 

Autumn Maple
  Autumn Maple is the color i think of when I think about fall. It's a russet-y Orange like the leaves changing on re trees. 

  To make autumn maple mix equal parts warm yellow and warm red. If you are daring add a teensy bit of a warm blue to spice it up. 

What is your favorite color is the fall color report? 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Pantone New York Fall pt 1

Every season Pantone releases colors that will define the season by examining colors used at fashion shows. They choose ten of the most popular to create the Pantone Color Report.

 This year they have done something they have never done before, split the report into two sections, one for New York City and one for London. 

This falls colors have a lot of warmth and there names  are super fun. 

The color of the fall is grenadine. At first look I think it seems like a deep coral, which I love. It is meant to be an attention grabbing red. Coral is a form of red though. 

To make grenadine look for a deep, yellow  red in your palette! 

Tawny Port 
  Sounds like it's be a brown, right? Tawny Port is in the red family. It is a very deep blue-red almost leaning towards purple. 

To make tawny port find your warmest red and add a drop of warm blue. Add the blue slowly as too much blue will make purple and we want it to stay red. 

Ballet Slipper
   So delicate, it's also a part of the red family but is a very light, blush pink. The other end of the spectrum of tawny port.  

  To make baller slipper water down your red or mix red and white  which will make it more pastel. 

  Butterum is based in yellow ochre and maybe a hint, a very small hint of burnt umber. 

Navy Peony
  Navy Peony is a classic dark blue that can be used instead of black. 

What colors are you looking forward  to? 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sketchworthy Reads-Kristin Billerbeck

Kristin Billerbeck is the best selling author of numerous chick lit books and runs the laugh out loud blog GirlyGirl.

I love her books because they are lighthearted yet truthful and rooted in faith.   I love her blog because it makes me laugh. 
Follow her @chicklitkristin

Sprinkle on glitter blog// Kristin billerbeck