Monday, July 9, 2018

Whimsical Girls

Sprinkle on Glitter Blog// Whimsical Girls

After Fabulous Figures came, I couldn’t wait for Whimsical Girls!

Whimsical Girls by Jane Davenport is you Happy Hour Art Journal.  It’s set to help you reclaim your creativity but  creating a few minutes each day, adding them up in your activity tracker, and adding them up to accomplish your weekly happy hour!

The book is filled a variety of art papers and over 40 of Jane’s original drawings for you to fill out.

The drawings are super cute and have inspirational quotes throughout, Whimsical Girls is ready for you right when you open it up. 

Have you read any of Jane Davenport’s books?

Monday, July 2, 2018

5 Tips To Overcome Creative Block

Sprinkle On Glitter blog// overcoming creative block

I had to take a break from blogging. I thought it was going to be so easy to start again. I thought I’d have a list of ideas to get right back to it. Even though I wanted too my mind was studdering. How do I think of a post to start with? How do I get organized again?  When pictures to paint seemed to flow nothing fit enough to add words to them. 

  Creative block is real and can show up announced leaving you feeling dry and like nothing you create will be the same again.  

 Here’s 5 simple ways to jumpstart you creativity when it feels like nothing is working.

1. Go over past work. 
    Spend some time going over what you’ve created in the past. Things that were your favorite, why?  What made you love them? Is there anything you could tweak, add, subtract, or change to make it different and new? 

  Look at things you felt weren’t so great. Why? How can you improve it? 

2.  Go through work of those you admire
    Click through the Instagram of an artist you love or spend time reading a blog.  What is working for them?  What really resonates with you? Are there any trends emerging?

3. Try a new medium. 
     Maybe you don’t have a new idea for a painting but paint something you’ve done before in a new medium. Love watercolor, try marker.  Love marker, try colored pencil. 
  Or look for other artists that use a different medium and figure out what’s special about it?

4. Pinterest 
    For me, Pinterest is pretty normal for everyday inspiration so keep scrolling through but with new eyes. Is there a new texture or color you could use? What about a different pose? 

5. Learn about a Master 
    Look to Matisse or Georgia O’Keefe, what did they go through in their life? What inspires them? How could you use that today? 

I think the most important ingredient Is to keep moving forward. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just let it out & make something.  Ultimately, we create art because it’s fun and having fun is what will keep you going! 

Do you get creative block? How do you overcome it? 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list - flower cone

Happy Summer! Last year I made a fall bucket list and though it'd be fun to do the same thing
with summer, the time for vacations, swimming, and generally having fun! 

- Make popsicles 
- Run through a sprinkler 
- Take a nap in a hammock
 - Go Swimming or to the beach
- Eat an ice cream cone
-  Grill dinner
- Go to an outdoor concert 
- Watch fireworks on the 4th
- Catch fireflies 
- Watch the sunrise
- Go to a drive- in movie 
- Sleep with the windows open
- Go to a baseball game
- Go to the fair 
- Eat more ice cream!!

What is on you Summer bucket list? Have you don't anything on this list? 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Fabulous Figures

Last fall, when Jane Davenport announced she had two new books  coming out, there was no doubt I’d be getting them.  I put in my pre-order 7 months before the release date.  So did tons of other fans (her loyal Davenpeeps)  and by the time the release date came around Jane’s book, Fabulous Figures, was in its 4th print run!!

I, not always patiently, waited for the book that finally came and yes! It’s worth the wait.

Fabulous Figures is the first of a series of books by Jane called I Heart Drawing.  The series is based on a specific heart technique she developed in her time as a fashion illustrator to draw the female figure.

A few years ago she had an online class of the same name “I heart drawing” where she asked her students to keep the technique secret as she dreamed of publishing a book about it.  The day is here and I’m one of many who can say the technique works! I feel like it was valuable in helping me demystify figure  drawing as well a become more comfortable drawing figures.

It’s easy to think well, she has a class, why does she need a book? Because it’s fun to have it in writing too and because there’s new information in the book. Plus, there will be more in-depth study in the books to come.

I love Fabulous Figures. It’s like flipping through one of Jane’s sketchbooks while learning new things. Jane breaks down complex ideas and makes them accessible to everyone leaving you with the feeling that you CAN draw.

As with her first book, Beautiful Faces, Jane has an accompanying online course to use along side the book, Folkloric.

If that is not enough, Jane has another new book out, Whimsical Girls, part coloring book, part art journal.  Jane challenges everyone to take a few minutes each  day to stop, create art!  I’ll be posting about Whimsical Girls soon! 

What book or books are you currently reading?  I’d love to know! 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Winter Home Essentials

Along with  clothes, accessories, & skin you need to get your home winter ready with things to make you ready to get out of bed and face the tundra. 

  Whether you're into coffee, tea, or hot chocolate cute mugs will brighten up the drink you need to warm you up! 

 Candles give off a little warmth but more so smell to make your home feel like home. 

Fleece Blankets
  Keep a fleece blanket around to curl up under falling asleep or  in free time reading a book or watching a movie. 

Cozy socks/slippers
   Keeping your feet warm is a must in the winter and nothing's better than soft, fuzzy socks!

What items  are essential for making your home feel like home in the winter?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

5 Winter Beauty Essentials

When winter  rolls in your skins biggest battle is staying hydrated. With indoor heaters, hot water, and cold winds it's inevitable your skin will loose it's moisture and  become as dull as the skies but like a few wardrobe staples and  accessories, you only need a few things to keeping glowing through the winter. 

Face/Body Wash
   Drier skin tends to be sensitive skin. A gentle, cream based face wash will set the path to keeping your skin happy in the colder months. 

  After gentle cleansing or even while, it's up to you! It's best to slough off those dry, dead skin cells. Getting rid of dead skin doesn't mean it needs to be scraped off, a  salicylate acid cream or cleanser  (double duty!) will gently get you there. 

Look for a  lightweight lotion to seal the new skin & it's moisture in. 

   Just because it's winter doesn't mean your free from the sun. Don't skip the sunscreen or look for a spf/face lotion. 

Lip Scrub 
   Your lips can get just as scaly as your skin & what's the first thing you need to do before locking in the moisture? Exfoliate! Rub in a little lip scrub and then

  Add your Chapstick & your ready to go! 

What are your winter skin essentials? 

Monday, January 22, 2018

5 Winter Accessories Essentials

Winter staples wouldn't be complete  without accessories and winter is a season where they are endless to keep you warm,  comfy, and spice up what you already have. 

 Hats can be a hard choice but they can keep you warm if you're outside a lot. 

Mittens or gloves
  Thankfully, these  are a little easier to choose than a hat! They are so important for holding in the warmth and protecting your skin when you're dashing around in the cold. 

  Scarfs are super fun and can add texture and depth but they are great at keeping the warmth in whichever type you choose. 

  Boots seem like they could cover more than one piece because there's so many types and if you want to, you could argue that each kind is essential.  Ofcourse we need snow lots to protect our other boots when it's icky outside.  Then there's booties, knee- highs, wellies, sort of life a scarf they add so much while serving a purpose. 

Nuetral carry all 
  You really need one all year round. Color is great but a nuetral goes with everything and life is easier with a go-to bag to grab. 

What are you winter accessory essentials?